Food post again 😛

The usual, you know la, don’t read while hungry and all that. After pasting all these photos i also felt hungry myself lol.

Here are the noms we had in Japan. Yakiniku and sushi took 90% of my tummy space lol.


Fav burger at 76 CAFE Omotesando. As always. ♡



Tsukemen (Dipping ramen) near my apartment. Where can i find eggs liddis in Malaysia T_____T



Healthy lunch with Izu at Omotesando.



First sashimi in Tokyo.



This was just, like, appetizers. After that there was another 6 courses or so :X



Eggs Benedict at Eggcelent Roppongi.



Berry pancakes



Grapefruit juice as fresh as you can get. Straight from the… erm.. grapefruit.



Yessssssssss sushi yesssss.



1. Liver tataki 2. Gyutan sashimi 3. Grilled Gyutan 4. Giant ginko nuts.

Probably was danna’s favorite gyutan so far.



Xiaxue’s favorite ramen shop in Shibuya.



So…. where can i get eggs liddis in Malaysia T___T.



Freshly baked cheesy Calbee potato crisp from Harajuku.



Fancy Yakiniku place called Yoroniku with Nanaco and Omatsu san. The last Houjicha shaved ice was sooooo goooood.

Yakiniku was a tastebud explosion. But wallet also explode lol.



Arhgggggggggg. I literally just made that sound lol.



Overflowing sushi with Xiaxue late at night!



One day later, Yakiniku again 

With my best Yakiniku buddy Omatsu san.






Yukke, Horumonyaki and fatty beef with daikon oroshi.




Chef also entertaining maximus. Got sing wasabi song summore lolol.



The next day ate clean food because i really ate way way waaaaaay too much yakiniku.



Quick snack at home.






Half-price Ichigo shortcake from combini lol.



Sushi. Again.



Burger again at 76CAFE. They always run out of Avocado Burger but i finally had it!!!



Danna’s favorite Yakitori place. If any foreigner goes to this place sure get a major shock and maybe will sue the restaurant because the chicken is half-grilled (still raw inside wtf). But it is supposed to be that way. And famous for it.


Yakitori Don


Takoyaki standing bar for supper.




Anyway i had visitors none stop from Malaysia (hahahah really say until it’s like my country liddat) so i had to bring them around in Tokyo, and naturally we go for sushi and beef. That’s all i ate for one whole month. And no complaints whatsoever lol.



Birthday dinner with QiuQiu and her hubby and danna at our fav Okinawa restaurant. I hope they liked it!!!



76CAFE again with Qiu and Josh the next day. I had number 1 but danna’s karaage set (no.2) was the yummiest.



Omuraisu and Carbonara at Milk Cafe.



Takoyaki again.



Danna’s Shirase Oba pasta. Surprisingly very very good.


My Uni Cream pasta topped with baked salt-crusted (?!) egg!



I freaking love Yoshinoya Gyudon!

Buy happiness for just RM15!!!



Giant Katsusan (Tonkatsu sandoichi lol) while doing hair at number76 Omotesando.



Before coming back to Malaysia, danna brought me to try this famous Hamburg shop in Shibuya.

BEST. HAMBURG. EVER. My god i was so so so thankful he brought me there. A complete gastronomical end to my journey.



After the whole no-preggo-on-flight drama at Haneda airport, i bought these for dinner. Save money dowan order shitty Airasia food lolol.

Haih. And that’s the end.







Hungry yet? 😛

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