Preggo mamas need friends! I’m inviting those of you who are pregnant too to come for a sharing session with me!

Okay, more on that later.

Anyway, i realized i haven’t updated much on baby news! I have never been busier after coming back from Japan. There’s a whole month worth of work to catch up with, i gotta start preparing for the big day when the baby arrives, and most of all i’m busy with moving to a more spacious house!!!

All these happening at the same time is really making me fully occupied everyday that i don’t even have time to worry or whine about any pregnancy woes (huh, what stretch marks? Deal with that later!).

I am happy to report that i am now in my 31st week and everything is going fine! And … exactly two more months to go!

Just months ago, baby was the size of a cherry. And now he is the weight of a pumpkin!

Pregnancy has been rather kind on me, as i encountered very few pregnancy textbook problems. The only major troubles i had were:

1. A UTI infection during week 16.

It was horrible. One day i was just in so much pain (the entire abdomen) i couldn’t walk, and i thought something terrible was happening. Totally freaked out and couldn’t stop my mind running wild. The danna rushed back to send me to emergency, and the doctor suspected it was either appendicitis (which will involve a surgery!!!!) or UTI infection. I was so so glad that it was just my bladder messing up and i was sent home with just medications, and it got better a few days later.

2. A major drama at Haneda airport.

We always fly Japan Airlines, but this trip i had to extend my stay for a week due to work and JAL was all fully booked T__T. I die die must rush back for the neogal party so in the end i had to buy a new flight from Air Asia. Usually JAL lets you fly up to 36 weeks (any later than that you will need a letter from your doctor or have your obgyn with you on the flight). But i carelessly forgot to check AA’s airline policy. And they did not let me board the plane because i was over 28 weeks. It freaked me out sooooo much, having sweaty palms and almost a panic attack because if i couldn’t make it, i won’t be able to attend the important event (client will kill me T___T) and i would be stranded in Japan, alone. Homeless. T____T After 2 hours of  anxious waiting and lots of expensive international phone calls, i finally made it. So moral of the story is, always, always remember to check your airline’s policy. T____T.

3. Constipation.

This was the worst. I don’t want to go into detail but it was bothering me so much i am having trauma just thinking about daily toilet affair (if only it was daily T___T). It scared me shitless. (HA. HA. HA.) It got worse and worse as the pregnancy progresses despite all the fiber and vegetable intake. I went to my doctor for help, and she recommended probiotics. So of course the first thing in my mind was Yakult, which i then ordered cartons lolol. And to my great relief, it helped the situation.

Anyway! You all know i am a big fan of Yakult! And for cultured milk drink i take nothing but Yakult in Malaysia, because it is just the best. Some other people prefer X brand because it is “more worth it” (ie: bigger bottle, hence more value), but to me it’s the live cultures in the bottle that counts! And Yakult has the most live cultures compared to any other brands.

And why is Yakult so tiny?? Because for one bottle, even though it is just a few gulps, you get extra kao-kao good cultures (which is the whole point of drinking cultured beverages in the first place!) for your tummy AND save on the calories and sugar (especially Yakult Light). That, my friends, is the smartest choice. Because you don’t want to be drinking diluted cultured drink laden with sugar and colors and artificial flavors. Understand? 😀

And…… i was a little desperate for a stronger measure. So i also took this Yakult probiotics in powder form, which was a life saver!!!! It’s so effective yet gentle (even baby of 3 months old can consume it!!!) it seriously saved my pregnant life man. Unfortunately it was only available in Japan. So i stocked it up before i left Japan. When i went to the drugstore, the pharmacist gave me a very sympathetic look and immediately recommended i also take the latest Yakult probiotics in pill forms which is strawberry flavored!

Apparently constipation is a super common problem among pregnant women! So make sure you stock up your Yakult drinks once your pee stick turns two lines.


Anyway, i’m sure pregnancy works differently for everyone, and it’s only i experienced it for the first time myself, i realized how important it is to have experienced friends or experts to help you out when you have doubts or questions about your precious baby in your belly and your own health.

So! I am inviting those of you young woman who are in the same situation as me (having a wonderful miracle in your belly!) to come for the event:

Healthy & Happy Pregnancy organized by Yakult Malaysia

Date: 3rd May 2014

Venue: Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm


During the event, there will be some activities, including:

1. Free health check

2. Diet tips for pregnant moms (most frequently asked question on my blog!! So now you can ask the experts yourself!)

3. Lactation consultation

4. Pregnancy care & labour

5. Maternity fashion tips (by me hahahhaha. I can only talk about CheatOne™ fashion tips wtf)


To join the event, you just need to send in your “Most Burning Questions” related to pregnancy that you want answered by the experts. You can send your questions to:

before 25th April 2014. And remember to include your name and contact number!

As this is an event for pregnant moms, so naturally it is only open for pregnant ladies, and 20 participants with best questions will be chosen to the event. And of course you can also bring your spouse.

I will be there too, so hope to see you guys there!! And yes you can see my baby bump for real this time. Don’t get a shock lolol. 😀