What’s better than being selected as the ambassador for the tourism project of your favorite country?

Promoting Japan tourism is like my life calling so it’s really cool that finally i’m doing it officially for Cool Japan, a project by Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI).

Sorry this post is like 2 months outdated, but during my stay in Tokyo, i spent a few days with other Cool Japan ambassadors from other countries like Taiwan and Thailand. They also invited QiuQiu and Xiaxue from Singapore but we had different schedule but i was so happy to meet them in some mutual activities and events!

With METI people and other bloggers/ambassadors during dinner.

Melissa from Thailand, and Yong Gun from Taiwan.

Mel is a beauty blogger and she is so so gorgeous!

We went to Harajuku La Foret for a meeting with selected fashion brands.

La Foret is like THE mall when it comes to Harajuku. It has most of everybody’s favorite Harajuku brands and i love love love that they always come up with cute and quirky themes for the mall.

During our stay it was a major collaboration with Disney, where all the fashion brands in La Foret came up with limited edition Disney collab pieces.

Like this Jeffrey Campbell X Minne collab. Cute right!!!


The fashion brands i visited are:

Usagi Online

Under Usagi Online are brands i’m sure you Japanese fashion lovers are familiar with, like Snidel, Lily Brown, Gelato Pique, etc.

Inside the store.


Gelato Pique is a comfy room wear brand full of fluffy pastel stuff!

They also sell a lot of cute baby goods! ♡



RNA is a casual street brand that’s colorful, funky with a hint of cuteness.

Love the heart-stressed jeans.

Cute satin jacket


And a lot of cute T-shirts!


Theatre Products

This brand took me by surprise because I didn’t expect La Foret to carry such otona (adult) and classy fashion brand.

All their pieces are really creative and unique. Although quite pricey, it is worth investing if you are looking for a fashion statement that’s one of a kind.

Handmade sequin pouches.

And just love their accessories!


Angelic Pretty

You might also be familiar with this!

I came to know about this Lolita brand because RinRin is their official fashion model so she is forever wearing Angelic Pretty. Once she dressed me up in it too!


If you love sweet, cute and girly, it’s your shop.

Pink setting.

Angelic Pretty’s Disney collection for the season.

With shop staff!


Went for a drink after the meeting at Godiva Cafe nearby!


Harajuku Fashion Tour

Most of our activities were based in Harajuku, i guess that’s because it’s still the most exotic and interesting for foreign tourists.

Melissa and i.

On that day, three Harajuku girls were our tour guides. We took a walk all over Harajuku exploring the charm and uniqueness of one of the most happening places in Tokyo.


With Seto Ayumi


Me with Harajuku girls.


We also went to a shrine, where i got my omamori (protective charms, i looooooove collecting them and religiously believe that they really brought me the best of luck/health/everything else). This is a safe flight Omamori for the danna.

Also got a pet health and safety Omamori for Champon.



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Will be updating the next part so stay tuned!