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Some pictures are stolen from Qiu’s blog so if you see me looking extra chio then it’s her editing XD.

So few days laters Xiaxue and QiuQiu flew to Tokyo and we managed to meet up during dinner at one of the best sushi places in Ginza!

Haven’t seen them for soooo long since i last went to Singapore.

All excited to see the babybump in real life lol.

Trying to fake their bumps too lolol.

Waiting for our sushi dinner!


Both Qiu and Xiaxue aren’t as crazy adventurous like me when it comes to raw food so they mostly have aburi (torched) sushi. But i must still give it to them for trying everything!

Also for those of you who, again, feel doubtful/unsure of me eating raw fish while pregnant, just to let you know that the sushi masters there, one of the most established sushi restaurant in Ginza, probably have never heard of the whole concept of this pregnant woman cannot eat sushi thing in their entire 20 or 30 years of career life. They would probably feel insulted if you tell them you are concerned about their fish harming your baby.

The chef saw my pregnancy tag on the bag and immediately banned me from the Japanese sake (have to kampai having only tea T_T) but he serves me everything on the menu. So.

Which is your favorite?? 😀

Mine is of course, engawa, which i specially ordered cuz it’s not on the menu XD

Qiu with baby bump (it’s no longer this size!)

With the rest of the bloggers from other countries!

After dinner we went to Roppongi’s Don Quijote for shopping because of the precious limited time they have in Japan. While i live just 3 minutes walk away from it and went almost every day lol.

The girls going crazy with cosmetic and beauty stuff.


The next day!

We are doing some sight seeing that day, so there was a boat ride in the morning near Nihonbashi, unfortunately it was a cold rainy day so we couldn’t see much of the city. T_T

Mostly just sitting near each other trying to get some warmth XD

Me of the day. My shirt says “I’ll Take Care Of You”. Yeap.


And the Cool Japan team wanted us blogger to experience the traditional side of Japan (after hanging out a few days in a row at Harajuku), so we had a kimono-wearing experience!

At first everyone was a little concerned cuz wouldn’t a kimono be too tight and pressurize the pregnant belly?! But i really wanted to wear one!!!

But then if you think about it, in ancient time the Japanese woman wear only kimono, so for sure they live through their entire pregnancy in a kimono!

So yea I got to wear a kimono — the pregnant way!

Haha check out that belly! Apparently there’s a special way to tie it!

With a gorgeous Obi also!

Done 😀

Initially i thought wearing a kimono with while pregnant sounds really uncomfortable, but i was so wrong! Somehow it helped the posture and i felt even better than i was wearing normal clothes (back pain and all that).


The three of us in different colors.

Full coordinate.

With Xiaxue who obviously went for pink.

Qiu who got a really humble blue.

And other bloggers!

With AiAi from Taiwan.

To add to the fun, we also get to shop around Coredo, the new shopping mall at Nihonbashi in our kimono!

The mall has all kind of traditional Japanese element so event Hello Kitty is in Wafuku ^^

Us with matching-color Hello Kitty!

After that we changed back to our own outfit and went for an awesome teishoku lunch. I ate half of Xiaxue’s and another half of QiuQiu’s :X

At night it was the launch of 100Tokyo, which is a Google collaboration initiative with Cool Japan.

The 100Tokyo ambassadors were interviewed on stage!


The day after!

It was Tokyo Runway day!

Were invited to Tokyo Runway fashion show (VIP row!!!!) and RinRin also came along to join the fun.

After that went for Xiaxue’s favorite ramen in Shibuya.

With RinRin and Melissa.

The ramen i posted earlier.

With Qiu’s double egg yolk rice!


And… that’s all!

I probably have 20 other updates on Tokyo, really gotta catch up!

Again, you can go to for photo tours, interesting events and places, and endless photos on Tokyo if you plan to visit Japan!