It’s been a long way and after so many months of taking care of myself, it was finally time we prepared for the Arrival Day : setting up the Baby’s Room.

I am officially in my full term pregnancy now, which also means the baby is going to give us a surprise any day any time now!

37 weeks.


We are totally not the crazy baby shopping type who spend 3 hours in Toy’R’us at 3 month pregnant. :X

The danna has this “you never know what you don’t need until you bought them” approach when it comes to baby lol. He suggested buying just one kimono wrap for the baby which he can wear until 5 years old wtf. And for me i was just too relaxed to bother about checking off the baby shopping list.

This is about the only thing i bought and that’s because Tokyo DisneySea was just full of stuff too cute not to get. And some other newborn clothes from Uniqlo baby in Japan! (which was also because Xiaxue kept dumping them in my shopping asket lol).

As for the hospital bag, i packed it just yesterday after a horrified friend forced me to. (What if your water breaks tonight?!?)emp2


And i am so so glad that there are nice people like Bloom & Grow sending me lots of maternity/baby stuff so that i finally can “nest”.

First they sent me some baby essentials! Reusable nappies, ultra soft baby bath towels and swaddle wraps.

And then more surprises came in a big box!!

I had no idea what to do with them at first because we didn’t even have a baby crib/cot yet (danna says he could just sleep on a Japanese futon on the floor. But later on a friend gave us a second-hand baby play pen, which can also be a bed. Problem solved!).

Anyway, once you start doing it it’s actually quite fun!

So here’s a before and after picture of the supposed Baby’s Room!

And tadaaaa…

Nice or not!!

I’m not big on themes and totally didn’t plan on decorating a themed room but so happened everything just gels together coincidentally!! 😀

It’s mostly brown and green, very nature oriented with lots of cute animals!

The Baby Zoo wall decor light glows in the dark for 20 minutes and will auto shut off, it’s battery operated so it doesn’t even need any cord or power point!

The baby bedding set is from Skip Hop, with a complete bed sheet, nursery blanket, and a musical mobile. The theme is “Giraffe Safari”.


Also comes with wall decals that is easily removed/repositioned!

Toys from Label Label, which were designed based on the characteristic that most children love to play with the labels of their toys lol. (Really? I don’t know but i know Champon looooooooves to chew on toy labels) Indeed these soft blankies have more than 10 labels each!

And then there’s the Ubbi diaper pail, which i think is super useful. It has a sliding lid, and is completely sealed off so that there will be no smell.

And then another important thing to get is the moon pillow! Soooooo big i love it!

It’s a nursing pillow for when you breastfeed your baby, but i cannot live without it now as it becomes my comfort bolster every night. So you can also use it as a maternity pillow to support your growing bump when you rest. Mine is from Theraline and it comes in many different colors!

Anyway you can get all these items in major maternity/baby stores in Malaysia, as Bloom & Grow supplies to most of the stores!

Also check out Bloom & Grow’s Facebook Page for info on new products and promotions!

They also carry brands like Belly Bandit (maternity belt which i’m using now, also cannot live without it), Baba Sling, Hippychick, and they are also bringing in Ergobaby and Storksak to Malaysia!

Will update more when i get more new items! ♡