Japan post!

This was March 24. RinRin and i had a date in Harajuku ♡


It was a Navy day!

Hair make.



Met RinRin who was a sailor in Navy at Harajuku.

Street snap at Harajuku. Jacket was stolen from the danna XD

Haven’t done Purikura in a long time!


And then brunch at Mc Donald’s.

In Japan they had a sakura special edition.

Actually it’s just a pink theme i don’t think it’s sakura flavored.

The drink was a pretty cherry-flavored fizzy, and the burger was Teriyaki Egg.

It’s just the bun happened to be pink wtf.


To be honest i think it was the worst flavored Mc Donald’s created (i hate Teriyaki sauce). And i told everyone it’s no big deal BUT ALL MY FRIENDS FROM MALAYSIA STILL INSIST TO EAT IT JUST FOR INSTAGRAM lolol i admit i would have done the same. Sigh Japanese marketing.

I bet you would have too? XD

And then went shopping at Harajuku.



Then went to Qpot for tea!

They had almost exactly the same sakura special edition last year.

Sakura Mont Blanc, macaron and sakura tea.



How it looks inside Mont Blanc!




Night time was Yakiniku date with Omatsu san and Nanaco!

They are my best Yakiniku buddies (besides the danna).

Whenever we go out for dinner it was forever Yakiniku cuz the three of us cannot live without it. And this time we went to Yoroniku, which is probably one of the most famous (and expensive!!!) Yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo.

But here we are! 😀

Baby present from Nanaco ♡

Omatsu san with the beef sushi.

Three-second beef.


Soooo goooooood

To wrap the precious beef around this!


Dessert time! Shirokuma.

And the famous Houjicha shaved ice with gold flakes and black bean. Never have i had any shaved ice finer than this, was so good i really wanted a second bowl all to myself XD.


Ok that’s all!

I’m really having some beef with the beef sold in Malaysia. Sorry for the pun. Went to Gyukaku the other day (was craving Yakiniku like mad), it was supposed to be a popular (and relatively cheap and lower grade) chain store in Japan, but coming to Malaysia the beef is of such shitty grade AND on top of that ended up the bill was even more expensive than having yakiniku in Japan itself. Really cannot understand why beef here is so crap (nevermind) AND overpriced!! Almost swear off expensive beef sold in KL forever and just stick to satay and Ramli burger.

Any good beef/steak place you all know? Do recommend!









Angry Birds Malaysia!

So after playing the addictive Angry Birds on app for so long, this is the first time i saw Angry Birds in action, in real life!

3 life-size Angry Birds walking around for photo ops!

So I was at Putrajaya Waterski & Wakeboard Championship and suddenly, there’s a big yellow Angry Bird wakeboarding across right in front of us!

And the big red one just crashed right into the TNT boxes, just like how it does in the app. That bird was the real champion lol.

On that day itself, if you take pictures with Angry Birds and upload it on Instagram, you also get a chance to win Angry Birds merchandise.



My Angry Birds hard candy 😀

If you love Angry Birds, they are going to have new surprises for the apps (hint hint, an Angry Birds Sports app!), so make sure you stay updated!

Also, did you know that Angry Birds is going to open a theme park in Johor this month? For all you Angry Birds fans, don’t miss it out! More information HERE. Stay tuned for more Angry Birds adventure!