Had to finally come back from Japan cuz i couldn’t miss such an exciting party! Flew back in the morning and went straight to the event venue.


I was a Sweet Rose, so i dressed (it’s so hard to find clothes that still can fit!!) in pastel floral and black essences for the neogal edginess ♡.

Make up was also pink-themed


Fellow bloggers Aud, Bobo, and Nana. Everybody looked so colorful!

We took instant photo (sort of like Purikura) against a giant pink rose back drop.

Love love love all the deco! The setting and ambience was super girly and fun, and apparently the entire backdrop of roses are also handmade! Really appreciate the effort the team put in for the party.

Cute little props for photo taking.

Another setting: Soft lavender.


In a lavender field! On the print-out version it looks much more realistic haha!

Sooooo…. i was also in charged of a cupcake-decorating booth!! Cupcakes and pregnancy is not a good combination HAHAHA they all look so good!!!

Me decorating my bizarre cupcakes.


Lots of cute color sprinkles, i guess that’s closest to how eating rainbow feels like XD

These are some of the cupcakes we made!!! Can sell or not! 😀

Made a sakura one too!

And one with super extra cream.

Jane came over to my booth for photos.

And then i went over to hers. She was a Soft Lavender!


With Bobo.


Also, towards the end of the party, there was a live hair show by Number76! They gave us instant transformation for a neogal look.

Mine was curled and color-sprayed for the colorful vibes.

There was silver and blue on my hair!

It was only temporary, so i had to wash it off when i got back home, with Herbal Essences of course XD

Herbal Essences uses naturally-derived ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil and rapeseed oil as active ingredients.With a soft and creamy floral scent, Herbal Essences Moisture repairs hair weakened by color, perms and styling. Its deep moisturizing agents keeps hair soft and manageable, not to mention the long-lasting fragrance on hair, scented similarly to fine perfumes.

Also, this Japanese Series is specially formulated with natural ingredients like Rose and Camelia Oil so you can revel in touchably smooth hair with long lasting fragrance in just 1 use. I love the girly and very Japanese-inspired packaging, and of course the alluring scent makes the whole shower experience super relaxing. ♡


Anyway it was such a fun party! I want to thank everyone who came and support and participate in the fun. Hope we can organize one again in the future!!