Part 1, Part 2.

Here are some of the last few coordinate pictures while growing a little human in my belly!

I’m getting so huge there are only a few dresses that fit me nowadays so every week is the same rotation which is why my Instagram is full of puppy pictures now instead. XD

For the past 6 weeks!

1. Coordinate 30w6d


Bag, skirt, shoes: EMODA


2. Coordinate 32w0d

Top: WC

Shoes: EMODA


3. Coordinate 32w5d

Top & Skirt: MURUA

Shoes: Smir Nasli

Bag: Givenchy


4. Coordinate 32w5d

Top: lilLilly

Accessory: Champon


5. Coordinate 32w6d

Last picture of this background (so i thought) before moving haos!


6. Coordinate 34w4d

New haos coordinate. Haven’t found the perfect wall/lighting/mirror T__T

Bag: Liz Lisa


7. Coordinate 34w5d

Bag: Jouetie


8. Coordinate 35w1d

Bag: Vintage Chanel


9. Coordinate 35w4d



10. Coordinate 36w2d

Dress: Rosebullet

Sweater: Ungrid

Clutch: Dazzlin

Accessory: Champon


11. Coordinate 36w4d

Dress: EMODA

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Longchamp


This picture is old background because i went all the way back to old house for a babybump pic so it looks consistent XD.

Ok that’s all!

The next time i post coordinate picture is probably me in a hospital gown D:




Kipling Summer Wave

Luckily i can still drive and go out cuz i don’t wanna miss out fashion events like this exclusive Kipling Summer Wave 2014 preview.


It’s full of cute vibrant colors and summer tropical prints!


This series is a collaboration with Natalie Joos, colorful trolleys, weekend shoulder bags and a matching compact toiletry bag.

So i’m getting a maternity/baby bag because i need one!! It’s so hard to pick a choice from all the seasonal colors, but when in doubt, consult the danna lol. He texted back and said i should stick with safe colors, so i picked the classy mineral blue because i may end up carrying it everyday and it is guaranteed to match everything!

I love it! I can also be used as multi-purpose hold-all, a weekend travel bag or even a gym bag.

Our family bags! Duffel bag for the dad (although now it is my hospital bag lol), for the baby (although i will be using it for a few years lol), and nappy bag for mommy. Basically everything is mine XD


Papa Kipling, Baby Kipling and Mama Kipling ♡

Kipling is sold in 67 countries, and every 2 seconds a Kipling bag is sold!! Do check out Kipling Malaysia Facebook Page and their Instagram account!