The pregnant mom get-together workshop i blogged about earlier!

I thought i should sign up for one of those antenatal classes provided by the hospital before giving birth, but the timing didn’t fit my schedule. I’m so glad Yakult was holding this workshop for all the expecting mommies (and dads), young moms and couples who are planning a family!

It was a afternoon session and of course we have our welcome drinks!

My Yakult Ace Light.

It was a very exclusive small group of guests, but everyone came here to learn more about pregnancy, even though i was one of the speakers, i was more looking forward to everything i still have yet to learn.

With Liyi from Yakult, she is my Yakult Lady hahaha XD

Puan Fatimah is a nutritionist and she talked about breastfeeding. Also got demonstration. (on dummy breast la not real one hahahahah)

There are so many things about breastfeeding that i didn’t know about!!! It was a very interesting session.

And then there was also Doctor Haw’s talk on giving birth, as well as nutrition tips during confinement by Ms Alice, a confinement care expert.

And then there was also the most useless fashion tips ever from… er… me lol.

On how to not look pregnant at 9-months pregnant hahahhaha.

No la, mostly on how to save money on your old clothes, mixing and matching, fashion items to invest and not waste too much money on maternity wear (which is normally not very fashionable and which you will never ever wear again. Unless for your next pregnancy.)

And also talked about how Yakult helped me ease pregnancy constipation.

With fellow moms-to-be. Everyone looks so good!

One more with the dads joining!

And that’s the end of the workshop.


By the way, some people may still ask…

Can you drink Yakult when you are pregnant and during confinement?

Yakult is not only perfectly safe for pregnant women to consume as part of their normal, balanced diet, it can also help prevent constipation (like my case) and also help boost the immune system, which may be weakened in pregnancy and can lead to urinary tract infections, yeast infections and skin inflammations like dermatitis, which are all commonly encountered during pregnancy.

Also, breastfeeding mothers who take probiotics will continue to pass this immune benefit to their child through breast milk.

Ok so the answer is YES, but now some of you may want to ask…

But my ah ma don’t let me drink cold drinks during pregnancy wor, how ah.

I personally don’t give a flying cheese to drinking cold drinks (all i wanted throughout the whole pregnancy was fizzy icy cold beverages! Cold milk and cereal in the morning, smoothies and juices in afternoon evening and night), but yea i understand the concern about consuming cold drinks when you are pregnant or during your confinement period.

So to solve the problem:

Yakult need not be taken cold, and can be left at room temperature for up to 4 hours before being consumed without reducing its effectiveness.

Apparently all the good bacteria can survive up to 4 hours in room temperature, so just take it out from the fridge, and drink it after 30 minutes.


Anyway, as for myself, there’s another concern. At my 35th week prenatal check-up, my glucose test result was quite bad. I was having borderline gestational diabetes and this is the diet menu prescribed by my gynae.


Looks to me like cancer patient food T______T


So naturally i wanted to avoid sweet things, so i was in a dilemma whether i should stop consuming Yakult also (even though i was taking Ace Light which is 50% less sugar). But but but… i also don’t want my constipation to come back T_______T.


And then i found out that people with diabetes can take Yakult too. Why?

Let’s see the content of Yakult:

Yakult Ace has 62 kcal per bottle, (14.6 gram of sugar) while Yakult Ace Light has 46 kcal per bottle (7.6g of sugar). Sugar is essential in Yakult not only for the flavor, but because it serves as a food and fuel source for its live good bacteria to stay alive in the product and all the way up to our intestines too.

Despite the amount of sugar in Yakult Ace and Yakult Ace Light, the type of sugar used enters the blood gradually and does not significantly increase blood glucose levels. This means that both products have a low Glycaemic Index (GI).

An example of GI chart i found online:

Yakult GI = 46 (Low)

Yakult Light GI = 36 (Low)

What i need to avoid is not sugar per se, but high GI foods instead, like white bread and potatoes.


Here’s my supply for the next month as i should rest more at home and not go out too much for groceries.

So yea! Happy pregnancy to myself and all of you expecting mommies out there, and drink Yakult everyday!

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