Can’t believe how fast time flies!

As i was reminiscing about the fabulous EMODA touchMe Spring/Summer fashion show, they had Autumn/Winter show held on the 23rd May.

This time i missed the show because i wasn’t allowed to fly anymore in my last month of pregnancy, but i was following it as usual, although far away here from home! RinRin also kept me updated by sending my pictures ♡

EMODA invitation card.

RinRin and Tiger ♡


Here are some of the official photos of EMODA touchMe 2014, the theme this time round is Rockabilly Doll.

This is the opening piece, and actually it is my favorite. The 3-piece set-up is so classically EMODA, as they have been playing with the same concept for seasons, with different fabric and prints. So much love!


Base color for the season is black, white and grey, and they key colors are burgundy, green, beige and navy.

Forest green on forest green, navy on navy.

Knee length dresses, maxi skirts and long coat are spotted throughout, and love the dark make-up that goes with it.




Materials of the season are boa, leather, velvet, and of course fur!

Key-pattern is heart-check, which is absolute cute and classy at the same time.


Here’s the complete video if you want to watch:


Anyway, that’s for AW later of the year. Really looking forward to it, but right now i am just obsessing about their upcoming summer collections!


Back in March i met Ena and her baby girl Licoco for the first time! It was just the three of us and all we talked about was motherhood.


Such a sweet girl but baby being baby, it was still very hard to try to snap a clear picture lol.

Also we had a hard time eating our meals, Ena had to hold her and eat with a single hand, or i would have to hold her so Ena could finish her food lolol. Also we had to change her diaper in the restaurant!

It’s funny she commented that i changed a lot (the way i look and also act) after i got pregnant, and i told her the same! What i saw that day was a really really sweet mother who has so much love for her baby, and not the usual glamorous fashion producer (of course, still the prettiest mom i’ve ever seen!). I actually felt really touched to see a different side of her, wondering if i would be the same too.

I guess in a way that change also indirectly reflects in the recent EMODA collection, in her style-book and her fashion sense. It is more lifestyle, more approachable and easier to relate to, and that’s the Ena and EMODA i love.



Anyway! Until i can go to Japan again, i’m getting my fashion fix from EMODA GLOBAL WEBSTORE!

The new arrivals! They now have pre-order, means you get to order the latest pieces you see on Ena’s coordinate pictures. I have already set my eyes on some summer items and very ambitiously ordered all my usual pre-pregnancy size lolol. Will do anything to fit into those clothes again!!!

Also, did you know that EMODA now has an iPhone application called CAMEREON?

You can snap pictures and edit them

And also view Ena/EMODA staff’s latest timeline


The latest EMODA magazines

And each catalogue!

You can download it from your smart phone app market for free!