(Tokyo trip in March 2014)

I miss Japan!! Many friends were visiting Tokyo at that time, and i really enjoyed hanging out with them, even though it’s going back to the same places again. Basically i could never ever ever get bored of Tokyo!

One of the days i had a full day out with the girls!

With RinRin at Shinjuku. Super love this picture of her!

Went to LUMINE EST to meet Momoko at MURUA and also shopped a lot XD

In March they were selling all spring/summer clothes and most of them were really tight fitting, but i didn’t care although i had another 3 whole months of pregnancy to go, buy first think later lolol.

After that went to a cafe with Asami and Momoko!

Hawaiian smoothies♡


Then at night i met Xiaxue!!

Went to BIQLO (Big Camera X Uniqlo) and she was dumping baby stuff in my shopping basket lolol. “You will need this, this this and this” lolol. Later on we went to H&M and she repeated the same action XD.

So that was my virgin shopping for my own baby stuff. Ever.


Some of the items!

At night we went to a sushi/izakaya for dinner!

Overflowing sushi plate. It’s so addictive.


BBQ seafood and vegetables.


RinRin also joined us later after her events.


The next day was lunch date with Misaki♡

Went to her fav cafe at Omotesando for healthy lunch!


She and Sunwei were my favorite models since Popteen time! And it’s amazing to see her mature and changing to different styles.

My lunch. Looks really plain but actually really yummy!


Ordered the same thing! In Japan everything always comes with yummy white rice, big love! ♡ But sometimes you can choose bread too.


Misaki getting super fascinated by my camera and took lots of self-shots lol.

Her cute shoes & socks that day.

A few days later we also went on a Hanami date but that will be in a separate entry!

That’s all for now 😀





KWC Crazy Sale Flea Market

Do you love cheap bargains?

KWC (Kenanga Wholesale City) Fashion Mall is having a Crazy Sale whole week long, from 2nd – 8th June 2014, 10AM-8PM everyday at STARSTAGE, Level 15.


Was there early in the week to check out the fashion booths. The items are available for both retail and wholesale!

They’ve such a great variety of clothes, belts and bags for all ages starting from only RM10! I’d advise getting there earlier before everyone grabs all the items!

Check out what’s behind me! Besides the clothing booths, Saffano is also having a big promotion at the Crazy Sale event for their comfortable and cozy sofas and colourful beanbags. Come and consult the interior designer and see which ones you can steal at best price. I especially love this Barbie pink colour piece!


There are also lots of baby clothes if you are a parent! Never thought i’d be interested in this until this moment lolol.

Also, of course the Crazy Sale won’t be crazy enough without contests and lucky draws!  Stand a chance to win electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances and many other prizes worth up to RM50,000! And on each day, 10 lucky shoppers get to participate in the “Grab All You Can” contest, where you get to grab as many items for free as fast as you can!

If you love stage performances, they also have it lined up all day long! Something to entertain you while you’re excitedly shopping away!

Alternatively, if you’re a business owner or looking for ways to improve your business in the digital world, then don’t miss out on one of their main event highlights, the exclusive Business Talk sessions featuring admired guests from Gapture Malaysia, who is a partner company of Google, Company27, Three Sixty Dynamics and many others.

Check out the programme schedule at http://bit.ly/1wxwXnM for more info on all the activities throughout the whole week!

Visit their Facebook page below: 

Kenanga Wholesale City Facebook Page 

For more information!