10 years ago when i started this blog, i was still in college rambling about assignments and boring lectures.

I would have never imagined that 10 years later i would be the me today. I was bored, pessimistic and perpetually emo and heartbroken. I was afraid unsure about the future and i was totally not looking forward to what’s down the road for me (10 years later? I would be OLD!).

But looking back now and reflecting all that has happened, i think it couldn’t have turned out any better.

I want to travel back 10 years earlier, give the younger me a hug and tell her, “no offence but, 10 years later, you will look so much better than you are now, have a moderately successful career, you will marry a good man, have a cute baby and you will experience all the happiness, so don’t be sad!”, and the 10-year-younger me would roll her eyes and say “yeah right whatever.” lolol.

Some of you may have grown together with this blog and the blog owner, but i also realize that there are many of you here who are young and perhaps bored and emo and heartbroken like i was lol. I’m just here to give you all a virtual hug and to say, just like aged cheese, it only gets better older .

Anyway, so those of you who are still in your glorious late teens and early twenties, perhaps you have just graduated, and are looking for a job that would define your life?

“Hello Confidence” by Shine On is a site created for fresh grads and first jobbers to pick up confidence-boosting tips and tricks, and personal grooming skill that would be useful for your next interview.

there are 5 sections and i will elaborate more!


First of all, coming from someone who loves fashion, i think dressing up right could determine your success! In the site you can find useful fashion tips and even submit your own photos in interview outfit.

I also did a little contribution to the site! I was asked to do a tutorial video on make up & hairdo for your first job interview.

Here’s the video:

You can also watch it on Shine On website along with other blogger’s personal grooming tips!


Secondly, you can never prepare enough for your upcoming interview. Do you get nervous or have a bad memory?

Here’s a checklist that will help you as well as guidance for job interview.


So now you are dressed up gorgeous, have 10 pens and notepad on standby in your briefcase, but are freaking out and have no idea what you should say to your potential employer?

Watch the Body Talk guide to master your body language and perhaps a good choice to memorize a few interview ice breaker to avoid that awkward silence.


Next, learn how to impress in just 15 seconds!

You can upload your pitch, and also like and comment on other user’s entry, likewise other users will give you feedback on your pitch too.


Lastly, if you are ready for something more challenging, you can try out Idea Cube.

You will be given a random business model to practice and also learn from others on how to sell ideas creatively. Who knows you may learn something really useful from each others!

That is all and do go over to Hello confidence! to start preparing for your big interview day now!