The 101th most asked question that is not listed in my 100 Ultimate FAQ about Japan, is:

How do i get internet while traveling in Japan?

I think i answered many times, but i’m gonna answer once and for all in this post!


A few years ago if you travel to Japan, usually your only internet choices are:

a) rent a mobile phone b) use internet roaming by your local telco provider  c) be all zen and disconnect with the world and live without it.


But after traveling to Japan for so many times, i can say that the best choice now is:

A Pocket WiFi.

Why? I have said it in a previous post before but now i’ll list down again all the reasons why:


1. It is much, much cheaper than data roaming, unless your telco company is run by Santa Claus, or lying.

2. You have internet with you all the time, provided you don’t forget your device in the hotel and that your device doesn’t die on you (which bring me to point n0. later in the post below).

3. It can connect multiple devices for the same price! Meaning you may have the internet on your iPhone, your BF’s iPhone, your iPad, your BF’s iPad and your cat’s laptop. If you travel in a group you can also share the bill. Like sharing a cab.

4. This point is very very important! Even if you have the internet, it would have no use whatsoever if your smartphone runs out of juice. Since your phone is now on wifi and not 3G, your phone’s battery life also lasts much much longer than when you are on data roaming.

So now the next question is:

How do i get one and which one is good?

Before this i usually rented mine from Japan. They would send it to Narita airport and i would pick it up from there. It was easy for me because i could read Japanese websites so the ordering was really simple as well. For some people they might be a little bit of trouble. And you always feel insecure not to have internet with you BEFORE you fly.


Finally there’s a company that provides Pocket Wifi rental service for Japan IN MALAYSIA. And that’s Beee Mobile.

What are the advantages of choosing Beee Mobile Pocket Wifi Device?

1. The most important now of course, is you can pick the device up at KLIA and drop it off when you return. If you fly from other airports, you can also have it delivered to your doorstep FOC (within Klang Valley). Now you can stay connected the moment you land in Japan! 😀

2. All the Pocket Wifi devices i have ever rented for my trips other than Japan are all from this H brand, which honestly is quite shit. The battery life is so short you will have to bring a power bank (or two!) all the time or charge it every 3-4 hours. I always got so worried i had to switch it off when i wasn’t using, and switch it on again when i want to tweet or IG a photo wtf. Now Beee Mobile Pocket Wifi’s battery lasts for 12 hours!!! Pretty much cover your whole day trip 😀

3. The device is also the latest model that supports 4G (means super super fast!), is made in Japan, manufactured by NEC and supported by Docomo. If you don’t already know, Docomo is the top network provider in Japan and its reliability speaks for itself.

4. Usually Pocket Wifi allows you to share up to 5 devices, but this one tops it all with a maximum of 10 devices. Bring your whole family to Japan!!!

5. No deposit required.

6. Lastly, very competitive price.

You can find out more about the rate here.

Other than Pocket Wifi rental, Beee Mobile also provide camera rental. One is Instax Mini polaroid, another is TR15, which is the most sought-after camera right now, but sold out, or waaaay too expensive to buy right? Why not rent it! 😀 What’s more, if you don’t want to splurge on winter coats which you won’t use again, you can also rent it from Beee Mobile. Pretty much a one-stop awesome website to prep you for your life-changing Japan trip.

Go to Beee Mobile now!

And check out their Facebook Page. ^^