I actually blogged about this already but this is like a complete post!

Throw back birthday post!

Present for myself lol. This one piece cost 500 yen ok!

So i took like 500 pictures of it to make every cent worth it XD

Ok la i won’t say white ichigo is a super big deal, it tastes average yummy as with all Japanese strawberries, a tad milder but sweeter than the red ones. But still i cannot resist buying it every year. Just way too cute!

Birthday coordinate.

Baby bump is this big!!! Hello invisible Junya ^^

I was almost 8-months along! I felt extraordinarily awesome lol. I went out every single day without fail, either for hanami or shopping or tea time with RinRin. Super super energetic and walked more than i do in Malaysia in one year combined lol. Must be the love in the Japanese air.

So we went to Meguro for sakura full bloom. 3 of us :D.

Even the vending machine is in pink!!

Close up.



And bombing you with sakura pictures now…




All taken by me hor and in case you think i stole them from the internet, here’s me in sakura 😀

It IS as pretty as it looks in real life! Prettier because you will also feel very intoxicated haha.

Sakurabuki (wind of sakura) created this the whole walk way.

Like this


Lunch while admiring sakura haha.

Sakura dango!! I always wanted to use the same emoticon in iPhone, so i finally managed to when i posted this pictures on Instagram lol.

Sweet potato sticks.

Haha i have no idea what they were trying to make

Found a place to sit down!

Some Paella takeaway, it was so good!!!

Then we continue walking until we reached the other end, and went to shop for baby stuff afterwards.


Night time was birthday date with RinRin, and we went to Roppongi for yozakura (night sakura) illumination.

From Roppongi Hills.

Such an awesome spot for dinner!!

That’s all!


I really hope next year i could spent my birthday doing hanami too. With Junya this time 😀

That would really be the happiest thing to do in this world.