Some of JRunway’s latest!

Some new brands are added into their online store, like WEGO and X-girl.

New accessories are also added!


Some of the latest new arrival:

Denim, border and more denim! So casual and totally love the styles.

This denim skirt is from WEGO, at only S$29, super affordable.


There are also new arrivals from Royal Party, Spiral Girl etc.


Here are some of my coordinates from JRunway Online!


Coordinate 1

Cropped top from Spiral Girl!


Coordinate 2

(Yea that’s what happens at home when i try to take coordinate pictures. 90% of the time it will be like this. #chamBOMB.)

(The remaining 10% XD)

Yellow blouse and white overall from Royal Party. Recommend teh white overall!!! You can’t tell from this picture but the quality is so so good . And it’s a loose cut so this will be my buffet outfit XD

Close up.


Coordinate 3

(Yeap it happens again.)

(with #chamBOMB out of frame)

Cap + Logo flared tee dress from X-girl! X-girl is a casual street brand from Harajuku. I always visit the store when i’m in Tokyo and they always have happening fashion events going on 😀

This is probably one of my favorite styles cuz it’s so comfy and also i can pretend to be 10 years younger HAHHAHA


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