I am one of the very lucky ones who didn’t get hit by the dreaded pre/postnatal blues.

Since i got pregnant until Junya is almost 3 months old now, i probably had only stressed over a few things, one is insufficient milk supply in the beginning, secondly clogged milk ducts (one of the most painful things i’ve experienced T___T).

But the thing that stressed me out the most was haze.

A stone-hard boob stuck with milk was so torturous it made me tear lots, but it will pass and you just have to be careful to prevent it from happening again.

But haze. There is nothing you could do about it. Those days i could barely see anything when i look out of the window. It was just grey, grey everywhere.

Haze was the worst in June, and that was when Junya was born. I remember having to carry Junya out of the hospital while wearing a mask. And my heart hurt so so much that my little fragile baby was breathing the same toxic air with no protection whatsoever against it.

I was fuming inside. I felt so helpless, i locked myself at home and cursed the world. At one point i even felt guilty that i brought Junya to this horrible world.

He was just a few days old and barely had just learned to breathe and this is what his lungs had to deal with.


I was so, so depressed.

Yet there was nothing i could do about it. 

I typed furiously on Twitter, ranting.

Yet there was nothing anyone could do about it. I became angry with everything and everyone.

It is true. Nobody could do anything about it except to wait for it to pass.

So i did the best i could. I shut all windows, i refused to step out of my house, i turned on aircon and blasted my air purifier at full force.

I also got myself a newer and stronger air purifier:

Sharp FPE50E Air Purifier

Although i still insisted sealing all windows shut and became anti-social for two whole months, i felt slightly better, knowing that i have done my best.

I have no doubt that all mothers think the same. What wouldn’t you do to provide your baby the safest environment?

I am already a user of Sharp Purifier (read my previous post on it). I have two standing purifiers and one mobile one.

Now that we moved to a bigger apartment, we needed a stronger one.

The new one (left) and my existing one (right). And Champon sniffing new alien object in the house as usual lol.


*sniff sniff sniff*

What is new about this Sharp air purifier?

“Haze Mode”.

Sharp always just knows exactly what i need.

If you have read my previous posts about Sharp appliances, their Plasmacluster technology needs no introduction. Basically it is a technologthacleanthe air bemittinpositivand negativions like thosfounin thnatural world.

This Plasmacluster technologhas been used in many Sharp products, including air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machineancoolinfans. 50 million units of Plasmacluster products are sold since 2000.

Other industry that uses Plasmacluster technology:

I have no doubt about its effectiveness and reliability. In fact i wish every pore of my house wall is built with Plasmacluster goodness.

Junya playing and sleeping near our new Sharp FPE50E air purifier.

To be honest, i feel a lot a lot happier these days since the skies are almost always blue and clear, but i still fear the day haze returns (and i know it will) and glooms over the whole city and my heart. But at least i know i did the best i could for my family.

Clean air is worth everything.

For Sharp products, go to http://www.sharp.com.my/  and to know more about Plasmacluster technology, you could read it at this page.

Lastly you can also visit SHARP LOVE.LIFE for all Sharp’s products! If you Love Doraemon you would love this website! ^^