When i was pregnant, i received an email from Annie Loiseau, a bridal house in KL offering to do a maternity photoshoot with me.

Annie Loiseau’s home branch is from Brighton, UK. They also have branches situated in Taipei and Bali. Recently they have expanded to Malaysia un Feb 2014.

Annie Loiseau in UK.

Annie Loiseau in Taipei.

Annie Loiseau in SS2, PJ.

AL’s main focus is on their unique wedding gowns that are known for elegance and glamour. Each of AL’s wedding gown is designed by their french designer, Annie Loiseau herself, and is exquisitely handmade in England.

Other than gowns, they also offer photography services including:

  • Pre Wedding photography (available locally, in Taiwan or Bali, with the same price!!!!!)
  • Family Portrait
  • Personal Photography
  • Baby & Children Photography
  • Maternity Photography


Anyway, back on the maternity photoshoot!

I’m not big on the whole belly (pardon the accidental pun) thing, so i decided to have the photoshoot after the baby is born. They are really nice and patient! They waited for almost half a year, we finally arranged a day and the photoshoot was done when Junya was 76 days old.

I was really inspired by the Japanese baby sleep art, so we had a meeting earlier to brain storm ideas. And when the crew came they knew exactly what to do and brought all the props needed!

Here are some of the selected pictures from that photoshoot!


Picnic Under Sakura

All the props are prepared by Annie Loiseau’s team! They knew exactly what i wanted (sakura petals, fabric bento, picnic mats…) and this is my favorite series!


Happy Dreamy Boy

As it is really hard to capture perfect poses of a baby, i also requested some pictures to be digitally designed (no need so mafan to decorate everything only to have a baby wake up screaming lol).

Love how creative they are with the designs!


Little Fisherman

Junya’s coordinate is actually a sushi master’s outfit lol. There are little seafood motifs on the clothes, so they also enhanced the image accordingly with the sea creature theme.



Mama & BB

No longer mama&bb selfies lol.

Other than all the fun shots, we also did a few clean and simple portrait shots together ♡ AL’s team provided hair and make up too, so everything is done in my own home 😀



Some behind the scene:

The photographer is from Taiwan! He’s super quick.

The entire shoot took only about 2-3 hours, with so many different scenes!! I was quite amazed because initially i was so paranoid about Junya’s sleep schedule, mood and energy, etc etc etc. It turned out to be a breeze!

He seemed very at ease too 😀

I really enjoyed the shooting process, and i love all the photos! Before they contacted me, i didn’t think of doing a baby & mama photoshoot. Since i could selfie every day and snap his picture any time right? But i’m so glad i did it! A professional photoshoot is after all very very different (just compare the quality of the above photo taken with iPhone lol). So if you have a baby/young child and would like to capture the moments while it lasts, i highly recommend Annie Loiseau’s team. 🙂



On the shoot day, i was also wearing an AL’s wedding gown.

Classy and simple, i love it!

Some other Annie Loiseau’s signature pieces:

Aren’t they all super gorgeous!



Right now they are having a wedding gown promotion for the month of October, for your wedding photography or on your actual wedding day!

*Accessories are included
* Personal fiting and alteration fees are included

And it is valid for one year redemption!


Find out more from Annie Loiseau’s website and Facebook Page!

If you like, you can also visit:

95 & 97 Jalan SS 2/75
47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7865 1942