Today’s photopost is Tokyo DisneySea with RinRin this spring!

We were there last year too (haven’t even blogged about it), and i really wanted to visit Disney in spring because it has the prettiest theme and the best weather! Also this is Junya’s first theme park debut lolol. Through my belly lolol.

Baby bump coordinate! I think i was 31 weeks along.


A snack before i left to meet RinRin. Apple juice and White Ichigo tart.

The tart costs something like RM40 so i took as many pictures of it as possible  XD

Another one XD



And…. Disney!! We picked DisneySea this time because last year we went to Disneyland together. This year’s theme is “Easter Spring Voyage”.

Right at the entrance! A giant poster of Minnie and Shelliemay made of flowers!!! It is so so so pretty, i really recommend everyone to visit Tokyo Disney in spring, it is just super romantic filled with happy pastel colors! Wait till you see all the spring edition merchandises!

Up close.


It was like walking into a fantasy garden <3

Lots and lots of beautiful floral decor <3

A giant one.

And beautifully decorated eggs everywhere because it is Easter!!!

There was an egg hunt going on but unfortunately it was only in Disneyland not Sea 🙁

Pastels <3

I don’t mind living in one!

Eggs to be found


Love all the Duffy/Shelliemay decor too! Too creative and cute!

Snack time!

Duffy cream pastry.


Both RinRin and i are not big on rides (!!!! yea i know), and we both agreed to just take our own sweet time to just walk around and relax. And of course shopping! 😀

It’s still full of Duffy and Shellie plushies in spring coordinates and come in different sizes. This is the keychain size.

in 30cm size.

Shellie cookies.


Rosette pouches

Rosette pillows

Spring fashion accesssories are really cute!

Spotted a hardcore Minnie fan. Just, wow. Not heavy meh her bag!!!

Couple iphone cases.


My favorite this time is the gift store in Mermaid Lagoon!!! Because that’s the store that carries Disney baby items <333 I had never ever paid attention to them. How motherhood change the way you shop lol.

BabyAriel is just my favorite.

This is toooooo cute! Xiaxue bought it 2 years ago when she was pregnant with Dash! I bought a panty version of this. And some baby clothing for my future child. And an arm pillow which proved to be super duper useful during early nursing days.

Outside of Mermaid Lagoon.

Dinner time!

Was studying what is the most popular stroller cuz that time was having headache choosing one. Anyway it is amazing how they could just leave their bags on the strollers while waiting for a ride/enjoying an attraction.

Before we left, one last round of shopping!

These macaron slippers!!!! 😀

Outside Toy Story attraction!


Here are some other photos taken with HDR effect!!

Floral Genie XD

The Arabian Coast

Mermaid Lagoon

Night parade


Heart shape confetti

Toy Story Mania

Check out our shoes XD

Fireworks in the end!

That’s all, bye for now! ♡