One of the last Japan photo posts!


N0-make Make and Cocker Spaniel hair.

Preggo Coordinate


I was 30w along!

Baby is ready to breathe and he looks like a proper baby now! How exciting! I remember he was moving and kicking a lot that few weeks, i could see it through the belly!

I sometimes really miss him being still inside me, tiny, mysterious and all that. I’m sure a lot of mommies get that too, but isn’t that weird? You have a real-life baby right in front of you whom you can snuggle and smooch and stare at allllllllllllll you want, any time all day long, yet you miss the feeling of having a tiny baby inside you, swimming and moving about!! Isn’t that insane??

Anyway. During our last extended week in Tokyo, we had to move apartment from Roppongi to Uehara Yoyogi, because the previous apartment lease couldn’t be extended T__T.

What they say about pregnant women cannot move house. Took us 3 or 4 trips to finish shifting our stuff upstairs. XD

The new apartment was also a lot older and narrower than the one we stayed in Roppongi.


This was about all it is XD

The neighborhood also has a completely different vibe. Roppongi was noisy, colorful and crazy crowded at night with lots of clubs and drunkards strolling about. It was quite dodgy but not dangerous so i really didn’t mind it given the convenience far outweighs a few pools of sick on the roadside.

But Uehara was nothing like the familiar Tokyo i know. The nearest station was maybe 15 minutes away, and there wasn’t a single fashionable young girl to be seen.

It was a pleasant change, though. There were some old sundry shops, fruit stores where the obasan will give you omake (a throw-in) for all the ichigos you buy. I liked it.

They still have Hello Kitty. Though. XD

Shared an ice cream with the danna.

For the life of me i really couldn’t remember what the flavor was!!! (Blueberry? Grape?? Yam???) #pregnancybrain

Supporting Kumamoto this time.



Since it was the last few days of our stay in Japan (not gonna go back until Junya is out and about lol. Which he is now. So let’s see… that’s 8 months of Japanlessness!), the danna played the genie and grant me a few wishes.

One of my wishes was used on Hakone. Our holy mecca.

Road trip!

We rented a car and departed early for Hakone.

Breakfast in the car. Sorry i’ve got Yakionigiri sauce on my face lolol. Oh anyway the yakionigiri is from KFC!!!!

Yes yes you guessed it! Imma praise everything Japanese again!

Their KFC. Basically Japanese KFC spoilt the whole world of chicken XD.



It was 10th or 11th April, i think, and Tokyo is done with sakura. No more hanami.

But no!! Hana-forever-mi for me. XD Since i was born in April my mom should have name me Sakurako (the child of Sakura).

I just see sakura everywhere i go.

Hakone is a lot colder, so some cherry blossom was just starting to bloom!

Hanami 😀


Anyway! This is probably the 10th time i’m blogging about this tree, but yes, the life-changing… no, life-bestowing tree i am forever grateful for.

I’m here again.

How magnificent.

Just me having a conversation with the tree.

Just the danna chatting with the tree.

Thank you for an awesome pregnancy, for a smooth delivery, i will be back to see you again, with the baby i prayed for a year ago 😀

(Apparently QiuQiu also wants to go back to give thanks to you, so we will see you together! :D)



I have been to Hakone countless times, but this is my first time to Owakudani!

Owakudani in Hakone is probably the most famous tourist spot, with its active volcano and hot springs.

And the famous black egg!!

They say that eating one egg adds 7 years to your life.

The egg stalls only sell minimum 5 eggs in a pack. So the danna and i are pretty much immortal now wtf.

I must say it doesn’t taste much different from the normal Japanese eggs haha. But yea who doesn’t want the elixir whether Cheat One™ or not. XD

This is how they “black” the egg. By dipping it directly into the sulphur hot spring.

The eggs will ride the ropeway down!!! Whoa so glam one XD


Kurotama Nyanko (Black Egg Kitty)

Black Egg Hello Kitty.


That’s all!!

There’s one last post on Tokyo about the most epic hotspring i’ve ever been to!