This time i had to come back to Tokyo all by myself before the danna joins me later because i had to renew my residence visa before it expires. And i will be here for a month so i rented a small apartment and live like everyone else would in Tokyo.

The living spaces in Tokyo are miserable, but you get used to it. I was just mostly very very very very happy to get out of the whole haze situation in KL that had made me depressed and angry for a long time. All i wanted was to have the freedom of breathing some decent air and not feel like i’m  trapped indoor indefinitely.

Rinrin is very sweet to move in and be my roommate for now to keep me company. Living in Tokyo for a month is gonna be expensive, which means we can’t afford to eat out the whole time, which also means we will have to start cooking, go to the mart and save some money.

And here’s what we do everyday!

My dream breakfast!

Japanese milk, cereal, banana and Hakata Amao strawberries. Best strawberries in the whole world.

Or a combini sandwich, milk and strawberries.

For lunch we usually go to the combini to get sandwiches/onigiri if we are in a rush.

If we have some leisure time we would go to a nice cafe for lunch. Usually the lunch sets in Tokyo cost about 750-1000 yen (RM23-RM32), which is not too bad!

So dinner we go frugal. Usually we buy vegetables, eggs and natto from the nearest mart and just cook nabe (hotpot) for a meal. It is surprisingly affordable!! Grocery costs about the same or even less here in Japan than KL, and it is insanely convenient. Supermarkets open until late night, and they have all the ready sauces/soup base for anything. If i live in Tokyo for years i really don’t know how i can survive anywhere else in the world being so spoilt by all these conveniences.

This our entire kitchen XD

And the only seasoning we had are soy sauce, frying oil and lemon juice XD


This is my happiness. Freshly cooked rice.

This is the standard combination i can have everyday, forever.

Always batch-cook white rice and cling-wrap-store it for days.

Speaking of natto!!! It has just become my favorite food in Japan.

We bought 3 boxes from the mart for…. 78 yen wtf.

That’s like less than RM1 per box!!!! So yea the moral of this blog post is, learn how to eat natto, and you will survive (financially) in Japan. It is a vital skill.

Natto, hijiki and vege-galore hot pot. Looks gross but actually very yums!

Natto, tamagoyaki, consomme vege soup and just 随便炒一个菜 (stir-fry vege with beef). We didn’t even have salt lolol. Everything is soy-sauced but the vegetables are sooooooo fresh and yummy!!!

And during dinner time we switch on the TV and watch variety shows.


And already living like an old couple lolol.


That’s all for now!

Anyway if you have seen my Instagram, the early bloom sakura species have already bloomed 😀 More updates soon!

Good night!!