Apparently the danna is at the heaviest of his life now, so he requested me to control his diet by making healthy bento every day to help him lose weight .

So this is a collection of some of the dannaben (lunch box for husband in Japanese. Bento for the danna = dannaben) for him to bring to work. They are quite repetitive (batch cook for one week!) so i don’t think they are very interesting, mostly for my own reference. Anyway no more Kyaraben because in the end i decided it’s just not worth the time lolol. I’d rather spend extra 5 minutes to actually take a proper dump wtf.


Bento 1

Wasabi Karaage with rice and Siu-mai.


Bento 2

Mini hamburg, mini onigiri (vinegared konbu & shishitou pickle) and gomokumame(mixed beans).


Bento 3

Inari sushi with mentai mayo salmon flakes, tamagoyaki and salad.


Bento 4

Onigiri (Mentaiko & salmon) and salad with garlic miso dip.


Bento 5

Mentaiko Siu-mai, boiled egg, simmered daikon & konnyaku , and onigiri.


Bento 6

Mentaiko siu-mai, Ajitama (flavored egg) and kakuni (flavored pork), tofu steak, yaki onigiri and gomokumame.


Bento 7

On a very very lazy day it is cheese & ham sandwich and a Tokyo Banana lolol.


Initially i made something really typically bento:  rice + meat + veggies combo liddis. But after a week he lost 0KG ( i don’t know why! Maybe he secretly snacked on KFC buckets at work lol), so he wanted to change to a zero carb (or at least low carb) diet. Which is quite challenging because now i have to fill in the rice portion with something non-carb, and still have to have it taste balanced.

So here are some of the Zero Carb/ Low Carb diet bento:

Bento 8

Tofu steak, pork kakuni, ajitama and gomokumame.

Gomokumame is a variation of mixed beans and other things, and here i used soy beans, black beans, hijiki, konbu, konnyaku and bean curd. It’s a great source for protein, and konnyaku basically has zero calorie so it has just become the danna’s best friend.


Bento 9

To cut down on calorie intake, instead of the usual hamburg, the danna has requested a tofu version of hamburg. Just replace half the meat with mashed tofu. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste very different from full-meat hamburg!!

Also tried eggplant pizza millefeuille. Basically just replace the dough with eggplant XD.


Bento 10

Yasai tappuri gyoza and Atsuage cheese misoyaki.

Instead of the usual gyoza i also cut down the amount meat in half and replace with lots of greens (cabbage, leek and negi) for a healthier version. Then there’s grilled tofu with garlic miso paste and melty cheese.


Bento 11

Ebi siu-mai, Gobo & Renkon kinpira and boiled egg.

Kinpira is another easy favorite! I used gobo (burdock), renkon (lotus root) , carrot, and konnnyaku, all thin-sliced and fried.


Bento 12

Nira tamago (fried egg with leek), gomokumame & meat balls.


Bento 13

Moyashi itame (stir-fried bean sprout), gomokumame, nori tamagoyaki, siu-mai and roast beef.

Moyashi is great for bento’s volume (to fill up the tummy) at a super low calorie count!


Bento 14

Today is a luxurious day!!!

Steamed carrots and cabbage, roast beef slices upgraded with a topping of foie gras.


Bento 15

Didn’t think sugary fruits are suitable for low-carb diet but the danna requested for it hence the extra!

In another bento box there’s nori tamagoyaki, grilled yamaimo (the slimy yam), shishitou and negi. And the usual kinpira & siu-mai.


Bento 16

This is today! The Western cabbage & bacon peperoncino, and the Asian tofu moyashi itame with ikan bilis lol. Pretty much zero carb and super easy to make.

That’s all!! I think he lost 1.5KG in a week, so i guess that’s not too bad la. Considering he still cheat at night with Haagan Daz. Let’s continue a couple more weeks and see how it goes!

If you guys have any input on low-carb dieting please share with me!! The danna will appreciate it very much 😀






Yakult Dance Contest

And of course, our fridge is also stocked with plenty of Yakult Light for healthy tummy!


If you have kids at home, you may be familiar with Hi5, and you may want to surprise them with this:

Hi-5 House Hits 2014 is coming to Malaysia this December! They even added 2 more shows due the high demand. You can watch them LIVE at KLPAC, KL from 10th December – 14th December 2014.

And…. Yakult is giving out tickets to the show as prizes!

Shoot a 15 second video of you doing the Yakult dance and post it on Instagram from 1st – 20th November 2014 for a chance to win tickets and meet & greet passes with the Hi5 cast.

You can watch the Yakult Dance via Yakult youtube channel. Every Yakult branch in the country has participated in the Yakult Dance!!! Hahahha i think everybody is such a great sport! I’m including a video sample below so you can have an idea how it is like. I have picked Yakult Lady Team in Sereamban because that’s my home town XD

And… the prizes!!

1st & 2nd Prize:

One pair of VVIP tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM566) + Meet & Greet passes with Hi5 cast (4 pax per family)

3rd, 4th & 5th Prize:

One pair of VIP tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM406) to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC + Meet & Greet passes with Hi5 cast (4 pax per family).

6th – 13th Prize:

One pair of tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM226)

30 x consolation prize

And here’s my attempt to do the Yakult Dance with Junya (and Champon. Sort of.) XD

This is the longer version! I have uploaded the 15 second contest entry on my Instagram @cheeserland.


Learn your Yakult Dance now!! Don’t forget to tag @yakultmalaysia, #hanyayakult and #yakultmalaysia

More info:






Yakult Song: