Junya turns 5 months today!

It is so crazy!

It feels like i’ve juuuust written his 4th month blog post two weeks ago.

(Also read  first month , second month , third month and fourth month here.)

What has happened in the past month:


For Mama

1. Nianness

So we did not get a God-size bed. And not only do i still sleep like a Chinese Zombie, i am sleeping like a Chinese Zombie with a human baby on top.

We have tried to transition him to a cot adjacent to our bed, and he generally sleeps quite well in it. It’s just on the occasional midnights when he wakes , he goes full on complain-mode.

Nursing, nope. Mama hugs, nope. Papa hugs, nope. Mama rocks and bounces, nope. Papa rocks and bounces, nope.

The only way to put him back to sleep is this:

He just wants to sleep on a zombie. And nian the zombie.


And then we will wake up like this:

And i now know why zombies limp and walk so awkward like their body parts are falling off. That is because THEY CAN’T FEEL THEIR ARMS/TORSO.


(Hahhaha no, you are right. I am secretly happy about this wtf.)




2. Dating with mama

At 4 months it’s quite easy to bring him out! (Less frequent nursing, less diaper change…)

He is also more interactive and generally enjoys looking at things (without the ability to destroy anything yet).

So it’s quite fun!



For Baby

1. Discovers favorite sleeping position

So at nap time, he only loves to sleep sideway, with a mini bolster kiap between his legs lolol

Like this.


2. Discovers the baby in the mirror

And smiles every time. He likes what he sees. Good good good. lolol.


3. Discovers drumsticks are more than just drumsticks

While he still loves chewing on his drumsticks, he has also figured out that he could work those little fingers to bring himself other things to chew.


Like… chocolates.

(Which then was stolen and eaten by Champon. He must be the first dog who ate so much chocolate and didn’t die wtf.)


4. Discovers ice cream

Was testing if he’s ready to accept a spoon, so i fed him… breastmilk ice cream.

Apparently he wasn’t very pleased with it XD. (What’s this weird feeling in my mouth!?!?!) His reaction posted on Instagram earlier!


5. Flip Master

He’s an expert in flipping over now, but… only one side. And only from back to tummy. When he gets tired he just screams because he doesn’t know how to lie back down lolol.


6. CheatOne™ Costume

And… Junjun’s first Halloween. With a digital pumpkin hat lolol.


That’s all for this month! ^^







Happikiddo is a chain of stores that offers one-of-a-kind, imported products for babies, kids and mums!

I’ve been to the one in Publika, but this time i went to their flagship store at Citta Mall at Ara Damansara, it is huge!

My first impression of the store is that it is so spacious, stylish and neat! Baby stores usually are very loud in colors and cluttered (you just wanna grab the things you need and leave), but it’s so comfy in here i felt that i could just relax and take my time to slowly do some real shopping!

As you can see, their products are super fashionable and so unique i haven’t seen them anywhere else! Honestly i was quite impressed because i thought baby stores are pretty much all the same. Anyway, i was also a bit ashamed to say that i usually buy my baby stuff from Rakuten Japan because i simply assumed that i couldn’t get them in Malaysia.


For example the Swimava neck float (1) Junya uses for his puka puka bath time which many of you asked about, i imported it all the way from Japan only to find out it is available here at HappiKiddo! It is the most popular brand in Japan, all the moms are using this! They also have a giant inflatable tub (2)!

And and and!!! The danna asked me to buy swimming diapers for his son but it was really nowhere to be found! I was just about to give up until i spotted it here (3)!! 😀

As for 4, well….. next baby lol.


I also love that they have such awesome product display that gives lots of inspiration to decorating your own baby room. <3 The products they carry range from food, toys, baby and maternity apparel to furniture!


They also have really friendly and knowledgeable staff (very important!!!) who would help you with products demo/try on/explanations. There’s a baby store within walking distance from where i stay but i never go there, unless i really really need to (run out of milk storage bags!!!), then reluctantly. simply because the staff there knows nothing about their own products. And also quite rude.

Anyway, i really recommend you to visit Happikiddo at Citta Mall!!

If you don’t live nearby, you can also shop online at Happikiddo Online store!

Specially for Cheeserland’s readers, you will get 15% discount storewide, except for formula milk powder, baby food and disposable diapers. It is applicable in all Happikiddo stores from 11 – 25 November 2014.

Just quote “HKCHE15”!

The discount is valid for in-store purchases only. For outstation customers, you may order by contacting Happikiddo through FB private message.

Happy shopping!



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