Some of you have asked for recipe sharing after the last dannaben blog post, but i say don’t need to waste your mouse/phone battery to ask me la because 1. even if i do there will only be the 3 of you who are interested and 2. they are actually not that yummy HAHAHHA.

I know because everyday i ask the danna “how’s the bento today?” and he’ll reply “very good!” and i’ll ask “are you just being polite?” and he’ll say “yes.”. With a very serious face.

So. All these Japanese people are too polite it’s rude.

Aaanywaaay. I am still very thankful that i have such a 吃得苦 (can eat bitter) de danna lolol. (Literally because sometimes things that i cook are really inexplicable bitter.) He comes home every day with an empty bento box without any complaint at all. So i assume he ate everything lo. Unless i go check on the garbage bin at his work place. But dowan la later spoil my Charisma Wife dream lolol.

So here are some other dannabens he has endured this week, and they are kind of Cheat One™ because i also added digital ingredients lolol.

i am SO HAPPY that Line camera finally has Gudetama stickers!! I love Gudetama to the max because it is so hilarious. (Did you know that Gudetama is a new Sanrio character?) Here are some Gudetama-enhanced dannabens.

Bento 1

Ajitama (flavored egg), Tofu miso yaki and also 3 kinds of mini onigiri (mentaiko, natto furikake and salmon).


Bento 2

Mini hamburg with sandwich, The sandwich looks boring so i topped it up with Cheat One™ Gudetama bacon lolol.


Bento 3

Onigiri with salmon flakes and spicy takana topping, 1X ajitama, and siu mai with mustard & yuzukosho.


Bento 4


Grilled tofu with ikan bilis and grilled shishitou (Japanese peppers) with bonito flakes. And also takana onigiri!


Bento 5


Yakitori Ben! Grilled negi and mushroom with yuzukosho. And yes the bento box is from EMODA lolol. Lunch box also so fashionable hor XD



And next are some of the low-carb bentos…

Bento 6


(All these Gudetama stamps are so dispiriting lol. Like eat bento also very depressing liddat haha)

Fried Noodle Cheat One™ Curry flavored. It is fish cake, moyashi (bean sprout), piman (capsicum), stirred fried with curry powder. And to replace the noodle i used salted pressed tofu and cut it in thin and long shreds. But still not thin/long enough so doesn’t look like noodle at all lolol.

Bento 7

Tofu steak with minced meat, ebi broccoli and pumpkin. And two distressed half eggs.

Bento 8

Renkon (lotus root) Kinpira with a failed egg mash that was supposed to be like an egg quiche. I covered half of it with Gudetama out of embarrassment.


Bento 9

A little western today! Buta Piman Maki (Sliced pork capsicum roll), steamed veggies and the usual wiener, pimply-faced egg, salami & cheese.


Bento 10

We bought a really yummy pack of Chili Tacos flavored chips so i was inspired to make some tacos! Taco rice (tacos rice) is a very popular Okinawan dish, basically it’s just rice topped with chili tacos. So i gave it a makeover and made Cheat One™ Taco rice without rice lolol. So the whole rice thing is actually kind of pointless XD. I was just making it sound to the danna like i actually put some deep thoughts and effort into making his diet work HAHAHA.

I quite like this one so i took a picture of the ingredients!

Actually it is just minced beef with onion (sauce: ketchup, worcester sauce and chili powder), and fresh ingredients are diced tomato (get the expensive momotaro, it will be worth it!!), avocado and sliced lettuce. Topping: cheese, mayonnaise.


For mine i also added olives and chili tacos flavored chips, in case it is not tacosful enough. This one is a Super Cheat! XD #tacosception


That’s all for this week!







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