Today we celebrate our second wedding anniversary.

Two years ago we got married in Nagasaki. And last year we spent our first anniversary in a Hakone ryokan with an extra family member in my belly.

I can hardly believe it has only been two years since we got married! Today the danna asked, are you sure? Isn’t this the third year? Yeap. The whole 老夫老妻ness has already arrived.

This year,it is just our usual, simple day in our little apartment in Tokyo, all three of us. There’s no extravagant surprises, no elaborated romantic dinner date. In fact it’s so financially effective it also doubles as a Christmas celebration. One cake two occasions. Also, the cake isn’t even real.



(As are the Xmas deco.)

Initially wrote a really long post but decided it was too personal in the end. Anyway, i just wanted to say that i wake up everyday feeling thankful for having married this person. Dare i even say today that marrying him is the best decision i’ve ever made in my entire life.

I used to be envious of other married couples who are generous in showing affection (Surprise bouquets! Elaborately planned surprise parties!), who are so committed to rekindle passion  (Every Friday a romantic date night!), and who are vocal about their thoughts (mushy messages and hastags)… I thought these are the ways you express your love to your significant other half.

But along the way, i have found something new other than love for my husband, and that is respect and admiration. And little did i know that a little respect can make so much difference in a marriage. And by looking up to him, it inspires and motivates me to want to be a better person. I mean, there’s no reason not to. After all, he’s better than me at almost everything, including career, social skills, logic, responsibility, even in the area of fashion sense, make up, *threatened stare*….  He also cooks better than me, even cleans the house better than me. He’s just better at everything. T___T. Except maybe… selfie. He doesn’t take selfies. And also calming a wailing baby with boobs. He doesn’t have boobs.

I just want to say thank you, for showing me how you care for other people. For showing responsibility, humility and kindness to other people.

And i think that’s the way he expresses his love for his family. And i truly respect and admire that from the bottom of my heart. And i guess that’s the way i express my love in return.

It may be a little strange to you, but we are just not too good with all these expression stuff lol.

This year, we both become parents.

And today, i just want to enjoy life’s simplest joy, to appreciate the fact that i am a wife, and a mother now.


Thank you for this happy family. May we have an even better (and bigger?) family in the years to come.

And Merry Christmas to all of you. 🙂