First post of 2015! ♡

Was packing our luggages before heading back home, so i snapped some pictures of the things we bought/received.

Here’s a quick post on all the omiyage (souvenir) and presents!


Baby Series


A totoro toy clip and chewy banana for teething.

Mini Ponyo for Junya. Too cute!!!♡♡♡

Mini cotton bud for baby! In KL one box is sold like RM20 X__X. It’s only a few Ringgit so i stocked up!

Soxies in an egg carton.

Soxies that says “Eldest Son” ♡.

Insect repellent and Anti-itch cream for babies

Story book for Junya!

Baby solid food recipe ♡

A mini porridge maker for baby’s meals! So convenient! 😀


Snack Series

Good news (bad news?) for enthusiastic baristas, now we can have Cheat One latte art on a sheet lolol.


Kakinotane!!! Gouda cheese flavor!!! There was also Camembert flavor, bought it from Nagasaki airport at the Huis Ten Bosch corner!

Message cookies!

Jagariko potato bus lol. 10 different flavors in one bus! 😀

Hello Kitty Apple Baumkuchen.

Even their plastic bags are so worth keeping T__T

Gudetama cookie!


Toys/Keepsake Series

Gudetama toast for Junya to nom on lol. And Gudetama gatcha gatcha!

I collect snow globes but hardly ever seen one for Japan!! So happy to have found this! 😀


Hello Kitty Series

The year of goat so Hello Kitty is all dressed up as a… huh… lamb lol.

Hello Kitty Music Box! (Music is Canon in D!)

Talk-Back Hello Kitty!!

Souvenir from Nagasaki! Castella Kitty and Nagasaki Fuchiko!

Hello Kitty Fuchiko and Strawberry Kitty!

Hello Kitty Omamori for year 2015!

Another Lamb Kitty plushie !


And that’s all! 😀

What kind of souvenirs do you look for if you travel to Japan? 😀