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The other day i was wondering how i had survived those days without GPS and Waze. I used to do some part time event jobs during collage days, and i always had to drive to the most remote place for interviews and stuff. I am not a KL local (from Seremban!!), i was young, timid and new in town. Now that i think of it, that was quite some achievement to venture alone and drive to places totally strange to me!

And now, if my mobile signal goes off when driving on Waze, (“establishing a connection…”), i am dead. I can pass through the same roads over and over and over again and somehow managed to memorize it none of it.

How frustrating and panicky it is if your GPS suddenly goes offline and there’s a big junction in front of you? XD (Admit it, nobody looks at signboards anymore! And if they are even reliable to begin with!) Happened a few times to me and i was always late for appointments T__T. (“Recalculating….”)

To have a strong and stable mobile connection and data coverage is super important if you are on the road all the time, especially for those of you who drive long trips and are always on the phone. How many times do you drive through areas of poor coverage and your call drops?

And that’s where weBoost come in.

Just as its name suggests, weBoost is a cellular signal booster designed and tested in the USA to bring reliable and seamless connectivity to Malaysians.

I was there at weBoost’s launch!

With blogger Huai Bin whom i have not seen since our last media trip to Australia!

For a gadget launch, i think they made it very interesting and engaging for the guests with live Sand Animation projected to the big screen.

I wish i had taken a video, i was so amazed by the artist’s performance! He was basically telling us a story (the frustration of weak mobile signal) through the works of his finger on a box placed with sand.



With weBoost, i am happy working. Chatting. Dating,. Bonding with family….” -translated by me. Lolol.





Anyway, i got my own weBoost Drive 3G-S device and tried it out myself!

The device installation is incredible simple! It basically consists of a cradle (shaped just like a mobile phone holder, with adjustable brackets that suit all types of phone sizes) , an antenna and a couple of cables. You place the antenna outside your car, connect the cradle to power supply.

Once your phone is placed into the cradle, your cellular signals will be automatically boosted. No paring, no password, no manual configuration whatsoever.

I tried it in an indoor car park, where cellular signals are the weakest.


No more fearing for dropped calls and crappy data coverage on the road!

And i like that it also doubles up as a mobile phone holder. Easy for Wazing!

And… ready to go!


And if you are wondering if using the device would drain your battery (i did!), you will be happy to know that it actually preserve your battery life because it feeds your device with signals, so your mobile now can rest peacefully while being spoon fed with consistent, strong signal, without having to frantically use up all its energy in search for stronger signals.


In summary, the benefits of using weBoost booster are

1. Increase cellular coverage signal.
2. Fewer dropped calls and lost connections.
3. Clearer voice quality.
4. Faster data download speeds.
5. Increase battery life for cellular devices.


Other than the Drive 3G-S that i have shown above, there’s also Connect 3G, another booster designed for those who depend on reliable connectivity indoors, for home/office use, etc. Same concept, it works by capturing the outside, usable signal, amplifying it and redistributing the boosted signal throughout an entire home or office.

Drive 3G-S is sold at RM389 and Connect 3G at RM1145. For more information, visit: www.weboost.com/my


This product will soon hit the shelves in Malaysia and if you want to be one of the first few Malaysians to own it, good news!

weBoost is giving out 1X Drive 3G-S mobile booster for you all!!

Simply tell me: why do you need a mobile booster in your daily life?

Winner will be selected on 31st Jan, and do provide your email address so that i can contact you!! :))