Number76‘s newly expanded and renovated Mid Valley branch!!!

Have any of you been there before? It was the oldest Number76 branch, so i used to go there before all other branches were opened. It is so so so different now! It has fully transformed into a more spacious, newer salon, with a whole new concept even!

Number76 at Mid Valley, Northpoint. The entrance has also changed, i went to the old entrance and almost ran into the glass, so paiseh!


Anyway, i have blogged about each and every branch before!

If Number76 Bangsar 1 is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, old-time street cafe, and Number76 Starhill Gallery is a luxurious pampering parlour, then Number76 Mid Valley is a basement secret society lolol. #CutClub lolol. If this is your first time at #CutClub, you have to cut lolol. And you DO NOT talk about it lolol.

It’s located at a hidden, quiet corner, and instead of the signature 76 warm tones and wooden fittings, the new salon is cemented hard and cold. And quite bad ass. XD

As you can see, so much angst until somebody punched the wall down lolol.

I was so surprised to see how spacious it has become!! (Come, the cult needs to gather!) So far the most spacious of all branches. The waiting area has also expanded, so if you wanna do your hair and bring your yee ma gu che sook pak heng dai, ji mui and maid with you, maybe you can visit Number76 Mid Valley. XD

I actually really love the interior! It exhibits this underground simplicity, yet brings you into the matrix sophistication lolol.

Also i have noticed that it becomes so much brighter, because of the all-see-through windows and glass panels. Enjoy some greenery, perhaps?

Nice hor?

Not to mention, their VIP PRIVATE ROOM.

So generously sized! (That’s Leon the assistant practicing styling on a wig. He’s not cutting a ghost’s hair don’t worry.) (On second thought, ghosts make such great hair cut models. I mean, they never run out of hair, ever, do they?)

Actually it is not for VIPs one la. (Unless you would like to pretend to be one lolol.) Muslimahs who want some privacy can request for this private room. At no additional charge of course!



Ok enough about the salon. Time for Cheesie.


Cheesie’s 76 Hair Makeover Menu of the Day:

1. Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

2. Hair Cut

3. 76 TSUYA Color

4. Ultrasonic Premium


1. Tansan Sparkling Scalp Wash

Guess this famed hair wash is no stranger! Basically after you wash right, it can last for 4 days hehehe. How did i know ah? Erm…. well, i just.. i just know la, ok? Shhh.


And sometimes they insist to let you see what came out of your scalp XD (I always very very paiseh so i would wash the night before just to reduce the puke-effect. XD)


Also! My bb Junya was with me! I always go first thing in the morning so the salon is not too crowded and i get to relax.Junya is quite ok as long as there’s something to chew on. Be it salon’s cookies… (on the wrapper la)

His chewy banana…

His drunksticks…

Also i think the salon is the best place for outing for bb because the cutting/color cloth is the best nursing cape lolol. #onlymomsunderstand

Wa wa wa what is this lucky draw thing! Explain later ok.


2. Hair Cut

By the danna hehehhe


3.  76TSUYA Color

What is this 76 TSUYA color??

It’s an upgraded coloring system that makes your hair color extra beautiful and super glossy. I did a very humble ash brown color 🙂


4. Ultrasonic Premium

Premium wor!!

What’s the difference? It’s already a magic treatment, so basically now it’s Super Magic treatment. With added secret magic ingredients, now it gives your hair mega nourishment, ultra softness and healthier hair!

Also, twice the magic, the Ultrasonic Iron is also used twice in this treatment, hence a little longer treatment time (60minutes).



I love la. <333

Anyway lately i’ve been going for messy looks so i hardly get to have a silky smooth picture taken. But can really feel the difference from the normal Ultrasonic! Softttttttt …..

And then we’ll mess it all up.

Whoa just a little fluff and all the difference it makes! Not to ownself praise la but it’s the danna de god hands lolol.


More cut more short these days XD


It’s probably my favorite color so far!! Unassuming, yet such gloriously rich color!

Thank you thank you thank you.




So some followers asked when Number76 will start to increase price.

Huh, still got salons do that nowadays?

Not only do they have no CNY price increase, they are also running super awesome promotions!!

First of all the Ultrasonic Premium i did is now RM280 instead of RM350.


And then the 76 Lucky Draw.

RM60,000 LEH!

Here are the prizes breakdown:


  • Travel Cash Voucher RM3000 x 1
  • Number76 Gift Card RM500 x 10
  • Number76 Gift Card RM300 x 30
  • Number76 Gift Card RM100 x 50
  • Number76 Gift Card RM50 x 100
  • Shiseido Zen Parfum x 1
  • Cabin-sized trolley bag x 5
  • Black tote bag x 6
  • Cosmetic pouch x 16
  • Kerastase hair care travel set x 44


For all 4 branches! (Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2, Starhill Gallery and Mid Valley)

How it works?

1. Spend a total of RM1000 and above –  Draw 1 time
2. Spend a total of RM1500 and above –  Draw 2 times


Ok la granted, it’s not easy to spend RM1000, even with my whole menu today, it is still very far from RM1000!!!

What should you do?

Don’t worry! You can share the bill with your friends and family! If 5 people go, one person just needs to spend RM200! Now RM1000 isn’t that hard isn’t it 😀


Promotion ends 18 Feb, CNY eve! So go book your CNY hair fix now!


They have also moved their website to:

And new

Number 76 Facebook Page


Number76 Mid Valley

Add: A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara 59200 K.L

Tel: +603 2287 0661 / 0662


Shop hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (They now open 10am to 10pm daily!!)


Don’t forget to check out other branches nearer to you too!