I’m so confident that there are gonna be more posts like this so i added the month and year. 😛

Read my previous Tokyo Omiyage (Jan 2015) post here!


So i just came back from my solo trip to Japan for about 5 days. It’s pretty much a pampering girly beauty + shopping trip X everything Hello Kitty (will blog more about it!). And i bought tons of stuff!!

And the thing is that i noticed that now that i am a mother and a (sort 0f) housewife, the things i shop for in Japan is also completely different -_-. I bought zero clothes for myself this time (so strange, i didn’t even think about it), and when i go to the malls, i go to do groceries and visit the baby department -___-.

Anyway let’s have a look of what i brought back! A total of 28KG in my luggage. Am gonna separate them by category!



Tokyo Luxey Gift Box

This trip is sponsored by Tokyoluxey, a channel focusing on luxurious lifestyle and beauty products and travel in Japan, for girls like me and you! If you are a blogger/influencer, you can apply to become a Luxey, and if you are accepted, you get a chance to try out exclusive lifestyle and beauty goods from Japan, and even opportunities to visit Japan just like i did! More info can be found at Tokyoluxey‘s website.

So Tokyo Luxey sent me this gift box, and inside are some of the most popular beauty products from Japan, and it’s not available in Malaysia (i think! I have never seen these!). So it’s all very exclusive! So happy!!! 😀


Hello Kitty goods

(Sorry, Champon stole and mauled one of the poor Kitties the moment i opened my luggage. T___T)

These are all the take-home Kitty merchandise from Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty room. There are slippers, stationary, Kitty water bottle and a Keio Plaza limited edition Kitty plushie! Will blog more of the hotel soon!



From the airport

I loveeeee last minute shopping at the airport, mainly because all the weight won’t count as luggage, since you have already checked in. BUY ALL!!!!

My standard omiyage: Jaga Pokkuru. At Narita airport each passenger is allowed to buy a maximum of 5 boxes only -__-. Got money dowan earn these Japanese people hahaha. Also! Instead of the usual Tokyo Banana, i bought Ginza Ichigo! And this is Chocolate flavor. It’s supposed to be an omiyage so i don’t get to taste it T__T.

I usually force people to open it in front of me so i can steal one and try HAHAHAHA worst friend ever.


Wonder how i got all my Hokkaido milk???

Teach you!!

Instead of buying it in the supermarket and checking them in, which will probably cause your luggage to exceed limit, you can buy it at the airport (i fly with JAL and i buy it from Narita Terminal 2). Just point at the milk and gesture a big box. The danna and i did it many times, but this time they ran out of cartons so i sapu everything on the rack.



I haven’t bought magazines in ages!!!

My friend Nanaco said that lately my fashion is very Mini, so i bought the magazine to get some inspiration! Indeed the magazine style is really quite me ^^



For Junya

Shopping for Junya is the most fun!! I think i’m addicted to baby shopping. I mean baby stuff. No i’m not buying babies.

Anyway. Because Junya grows and needs different thing almost every month, it’s so fun to think of what i can buy for him! Bought some new (and bigger) pajamas for him from Akachan Honpo and Muji. Also a very cute hat!


Music books from Mikihouse, and some story books 🙂

Also bought lots of Rinyushoku (babyfood) stuff, which makes making lunches sooooo much easier! There’s Baby Ketchup, Baby Soy Sauce and Baby Dashi (soup stock). All these are made with zero or minimum salt content and of course additives-free.  There’s also vege powder and corn soup.

Ahhhh it’s all so much fun!!! Nowadays the dannaben (bento for danna) has become very anyhow, so shabby and unpresentable LOLOL.


Tsum Tsum mini dish plates. Tsum Tsum are just so cute i can’t get enough of them T__T


Hello Kitty Goods

Bought this set on the flight!! It’s a little ridiculously expensive for the size but i’m just a sucker for everything limited edition T__T

Hello Kitty mask. It’s not just any mask but it turns you into a kitty. With whiskers and bow and all that. Not sure if that’s a good thing though lolol.

Remember the talking Kumamon Kitty???? On the last trip i bought a talk-back Dear Daniel for my mom’s friend, and sort of wanted one myself. And guess what they have a Kitty in Kimono!!!! A talking Kitty in Kimono! I mean, how can i not buy this??!? Plus it’s really not thaaaaat expensive (RM100 i think?) so….

These are from Daiso. Magnet clips and seals and a gyoza maker.


This is not Hello Kitty but there’s no other category to go XD. Recently i’ve started to see Japanese snow globes so i’m on a collection frenzy now <3


Kitchen/household stuff

Supplements for breastfeeding and diet supplements for dieting danna. And fancy Japanese toothpaste lolol. The danna said he couldn’t get used to theMalaysian toothpaste taste :X

Clockwise: Sakura ebi, dried radish (bought this because it says produced in Nagasaki and i just wanted to support Nagasaki -___-), ginger powder (how awesome is that?? No need to grate ginger anymoreeee), Instant Osuimono (soup), discounted Thai Curry and another Osuimono.



1. the colorful ball thingie that floats on top of Japanese clear soup. I have no idea what it is called but it sure makes your soup look extra pretty!

2. Omoji Oroshi (spicy grated daikon). Lazy to make this so just bought a tube.

3. Grated black sesame

4. Corn starch. Erm. I know. Don’t judge.

5. Kewpie English mustard



And one of the most important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5KG in total, Japanese rice. We still have some white rice left but i wanted to try Genmai (unpolished rice). It’s very worth buying la cuz it’s almost impossible to find anywhere outside Japan. ISETAN sometimes sells it but very, very very rarely. You can get them from any supermarkets!


Bento goods hahaha.

Cute pasta!

Erm meat tenderizer (for making Tonkatsu) and garlic press. Ok this blog is getting boring isn’t it? I apologiz.


For Champon

I didn’t forget you!!!!!!

He loves this so much i am using it very sparingly, usually as an exchange treat for stolen stuff. (Champon…. put down the gun. Slowly… Want a snack???)


That’s all! Somehow it makes me feel very exposed. Like i always feel that grocery shopping is such a personal and private experience and feels a little uncomfortable and wanna just pay and get it over and done with.

Sometimes lining up at the cashier counter, unknowingly when i see what people put in their basket, i secretly profile them. (Huh, that brand is totally shit. Bad taste.) (Making organic chicken salad for family dinner. Overly protective mom.) (Those ice cream for your weight? Self control, self control!)

Haha i know! So horrible right! So i bet people are secret judging me the same too. (So much frozen food, she must be single and struggling at work. Possibly depressed…) (Just how much eggs does she eat, exactly??) (Does she even know how to cook that stuff??)

Lolol. Yea. So.