I’m pausing the entries for family trip in Japan because i’m so excited to share my experience of staying in the Hello Kitty Rooms in Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku Tokyo!!

It looks like this!!

Honestly it’s really one of the prettiest hotel rooms i’ve ever stayed in my life!!



First of all a little bit of history about Keio Plaza Hotel. I’ve actually stayed in Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku before during one of my blogger trips to Japan. Usually the organizers put the media guests up at Keio Plaza because it’s very international, and more importantly

It is one of the most established hotels in Japan since its opening in 1971. The history may be long and the premise may be 40 over years old, but Keio Plaza is dedicated to deliver ever-improving services and is renovating its facilities on an ongoing basis, so you will be surprised that the hotel looks like it has just been newly opened!!!

And last November when they renovated part of the hotel, they decided to turn two guest rooms into special Hello Kitty themed rooms. Which is like a dream-come-true for all Hello Kitty lovers from around the world.


So on the 9th of Feb i arrived at Narita airport in the morning via JAL. And then i took a limousine bus straight from Narita right to the hotel lobby of Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. Talk about convenience!! It is the same on the last day of your trip. You could just take a limousine bus from the hotel back to Narita airport to catch your flight.

And… upon arriving…

I felt like i’m Prime Minister because a bunch of hotel staff were waiting for me….

And not at the usual check-in area, but a very exclusive Premier Counter… 


Apparently if you stay at the Hello Kitty Room, you are the VVIP who gets to skip all the crowd (Keio Plaza is really popular so you may have to fight some other hotel guests at the lines XD) and check in directly at the Premier Counter!

The entire Keio Plaza hotel staff were so so so so polite and helpful i wonder if all of them went for some kind of hospitality boot camp XD.

My luggage being delivered to the room in a Hello Kitty cart.


Here’s the room!

Even before entering you already feel special. With the signature red little bow, you will never be mistaken!


Well there are two Hello Kitty Rooms and they are both different. On the first night, i stayed at The Princess Kitty Room.


The Princess Kitty Room

As you can guess, everything about this room is princessy and girly.

From the door way.

The Princess Kitty Room was designed to be like a private room where Hello Kitty gets to relax and be treated like a princess.


It really cannot get more princessy than this XD. The headboard has a 3D Kitty in an extravagant layer cake dress, which is an original design specially created for Keio Plaza Hotel by Sanrio. The wall papers are Kitty’s favorite roses, which is also an exclusive design.

Excuse me, first let me take a selfie. (and more. At least spare yourself 20 minutes to selfie at every nook and corner of the room.)

Every element in the room delicately embodies the charm of the globally-loved character. The one and only pink Kitty bow sofa in the world…

Even the humidifier is Kitty herself!

Picture frames on the wall (showing how Kitty chan pampers herself by going for a spa, putting on make up… etc)

More selfies!

There’s a full body pink-framed mirror for all your #ootd shots.


Let’s check out the bathroom!

The tub is also painted soft lavender…

And special bath amenities! <3

Surprises everywhere!!

All these little delights for you to discover!



Hello Kitty mineral water for you to take home.


Anyway, RinRin joined me later after she finished her work so we had a girly sleep-over!

Keio Plaza Hotel original Hello Kitty plushie that you get to bring home! There are a few things you could bring home with you from the room as keepsakes. I’ve blogged about it in my previous shopping haul blog post!

We were all dressed to the theme. Me in a Hello Kitty X BAPE sweater and RinRin with her Kitty glasses.


We drew the curtains at night, and it gave quite a different feel to the room! Now the whole room is serene and romantic.


Just when we wanted to unwind and relax, there was yet another surprise.

Someone rang the door bell and when i opened, it was a special room delivery:

a Hello Kitty cake.

This hotel is way amazing T____T.


Me and our Kitty cheese cake!!

I mean, how many times in your life do you get to stay in Hello Kitty’s house and eat her cake too?

It’s too pretty i couldn’t even!!


We spent the night catching up (haven’t seen her in months!!!), showered and had a really good sleep that night.



The next day!!!

Today’s hair make. Checking out (the hotel room, and a bit of myself)… but not really.



Kitty Town Room

How lucky am i????? I really can’t help boasting but… i get to stay at BOTH the Kitty themed rooms!!??!

The next morning when i went for breakfast, i didn’t even have to check out, they just moved my (kind of packed) luggages into the other Hello Kitty room.

If you decide to stay at Keio Plaza for more than 1 night, you may as well stay in both the rooms to experience very vastly different ambience. (But do book in advance because since they are the only two hotel rooms in the whole Keio Plaza, they are almost always booked up!)

If i were to describe Kitty Town in one word, it is “Pop”.

Unlike The Princess Kitty which is overly feminine and pastel-everything, Kitty Town is vibrant and uplifting, with the concept of Hello Kitty enjoying a city break in Tokyo (you see amusement rides, shopping malls, Kitty Mt Fuji lolol).

Even the carpets are full of Kitty pop arts!

Picture frames are distinctly different. This time around Kitty Chan is having a great experience in the hotel (just like me lol), eating Teppanyaki, having a drink at the bar…

Selfie time.

The bathroom has a refreshing apple green door, which leads to pretty much the same design as the Princess Kitty room…

Except the bath tub is pink this time!

Just as sweet <3

While this room has a fully size mirror for all the selfies, the wall paper and designed carpets make a perfect spot for #ootd shots.


I can’t decide which room i like more!!! I’d assume that most people prefer the Princess Kitty room, but i think i may incline to go for Kitty Town a little bit more, because its happy colors are so cheery it gives me a good mood the whole day! Also i get to relive my childhood dreams a little together with all the cite Kitty characters.

That’s all for the Hello Kitty rooms, but there are actually much much more about Keio Plaza Hotel that i couldn’t fit into this post (the Hinamatsuri themed lunch and dinner, my first Kaiseki dinner experience… etc!). Would blog next!!


Stay at Keio Plaza Hotel during your next visit to Tokyo!!

There are two Keio Plaza Hotels in Tokyo, the one i stayed in is in Shinjuku (Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo), and the other one is in Tama (Keio Plaza Hotel Tama).

The Special Accommodation Plan for Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (Shinjuku) starts from 23,800 yen per person for double occupancy for both Princess Kitty Room and Kitty Town Room, breakfast included! Having compared the prices with some other hotels in Tokyo, it’s really not that expensive at all!!! Given that you get to experience such exclusive Kitty awesomeness!

You can watch the videos of Hello Kitty herself experiencing the amazing Keio Plaza Hotel here:


If that’s out of budget for you, you can actually consider staying in Keio Plaza Tama instead! It starts from 15,350 Yen per person, double occupancy, breakfast included! Tama is a little far out from city center, but!!! There’s actually an incentive to staying at Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama: it’s just a 5-minute walk to Sanrio Puroland!!! (Read my post on Sanrio Puroland here.) I mean, if you love Hello Kitty, why not just go allllll the way!!! 😀


(However, do note that only Kitty Town Room is available in Keio Plaza Hotel Tama.)


For reservation and more info, you can check out the Hello Kitty Room website below: