So this is a story of how i saved my baby from murderous dead chickens. Raining down from the sky. Yay i just promoted myself to Supermom.

Except no red cape, no weird fringe, no flying hi-speed across tall buildings scooping my poor falling child up with one arm to escape a villain zombie chicken attack.

What happened was, in actual life, we just came back from our family trip to Singapore late at night, all tired. Except the little one because he just had a nap in the car. And i had tons of chores to do and one of the first things was to put all the perishable groceries into the fridge (Hokkaido milk from Meidiya, yay!).

I was carrying a whole chicken with my left hand which was supposed to go into the freezer while carrying Junya on my right hand who was trying to struggle his way out T___T. So i decided to temporary place him down the floor so that i have both hands free to stuff everything into the freezer.

A plastic tupperware that wasn’t properly covered fell tumbling down. Inside were all other frozen chicken thighs and breasts i bought earlier to make karaage.

It was like the Chicken Avalanche Apocalypse.

My heart almost jumped out of my throat in horror. I glanced down on my feet, there he was, on all fours, stunned for a second staring at me in shock, and then went bawling. I picked him up and pull him upclose, did a quick scan on his face and body… okay, okay… no blood, okay, no scratch, okay no marks, okay, nothing. Okay. Calm down.

I put him down the bed and he was shushed almost immediately much to my relief, but only to realize at the same time that blood was dripping down my right knee.

Oh. So there was a cut.

Apparently some of the dead chickens were so frozen sharp that it scratched my knee before falling off without me even knowing. Luckily i wasn’t walking with a piece of chicken thigh stuck on my knee right now. That would be quite weird. And rather bizarre to explain to the doctor. (Someone stabbed me with dead chicken?)


Anyway, now that i was aware of the cut, it started to hurt. Baaaaaad.


As i was cursing the dead chicken for causing me so much pain at such ungodly hour, it suddenly struck me. (I mean a thought, not the chicken. It would be really quite atrocious if the dead chicken decided to chastise me further because he was obviously not satisfied with just stabbing my knee T__T.)

Suddenly i just felt so so so so thankful.

For my bloody knee in particular. I don’t think i have ever felt so much gratitude for a bleeding wound on my own body before.

If it wasn’t for this knee, Junya was probably the one who is bleeding right now. Maybe he would have gotten a permanent scar on his face. And i would never be able forgive myself for making such an unforgivable mistake.

But it was me who took the bullet (it sounded more condescending than originally intended hahaha. It was my own negligence and i deserved it T__T). And i just felt so glad. 幸好是我。


Thank you, knee.

Happy baby and happy knee.



And tonight, i think i have started to uncover a very very tiny part of a huge secret world, where you develop the ability to provide, where you recognise your instinct to protect, where you learn how to appreciate your right knee.

And that secret world is called… Parenthood.