This was on the third day of new year in Nagasaki.

We woke up early morning and had breakfast in Sukiya!

Given a choice we didn’t really want to have fast food after flying all the way to Nagasaki, but the thing about Oshougatsu is that it is also the only time all the good local restaurants close for business. It’s the time for family. Once in a year.

It is also Jiji’s only off days in a year.

So on the 3rd Jan 2015, we had a 3-generation overnight family trip to a hot spring in Nagasaki called Unzen. The Kanji is 雲仙. This would be the first time the danna spent a night together with his father in… decades. And also the first ever time Junya travelled with Jiji.

The danna’s grill salmon breakfast set.

So simple but so complete. White rice with raw egg, miso soup, lots of green onion topping, natto (under the green onion),  seaweed, hijiki and grill fish. I would say that this is the perfect Japanese breakfast.

For me it was Yakitori Don. Hot rice topped with juicy chicken and extra sauce. Nyummmm.


And how much would a perfect breakfast for two like this cost?

1155 Yen. RM34.

RM17 per person. I bet that’s what you spend in Starbucks nowadays with GST. Minus the cake.


After the morning nom, the danna drove to pick Jiji up.

And on our way to Unzen with Jiji!

Stole a kiss from my little lover when nobody was looking lol <3



I was quite happy because there wasn’t any snow in Tokyo nor Hakone yet, (although i saw floating snowflake at Haneda airport on the way to Nagasaki) and there won’t be any in Nagasaki city.

But snow!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy i just ran over to the puddle of leftover snow with JunJun and took tons of pictures XD

Junya’s first snow experience!  He won’t remember it so we need some proof ma.

He was very happy also wor!!

My fav picture!

Somebody built snowmen on a bench.

Ahhhhh so happy!!! Please forgive me! I’m a Malaysian! The only snowman i have seen in the past few years is Olaf. Hahaha


And then we reached Hell.

No i am serious.

“The entrance to the Hell of Unzen”. (So the wooden stick says.)

No i am serious. The white vapor emanating from the bowholes underground make the place indeed hellish. Or heavenly, i guess. Depends whether your glass is half full or half empty hahaha.

To me it is heavenly la because last time all the Chinese New Year MTV i saw had little girls in fairy costume dancing around in a misty smokey background saying gongxinigongxini liddis.

Welcome to the heaven of Unzen.

Your fairy in a recycled smelly down jacket and a little cherub in fluffy blanket. *cue dry ice effect*

This is what the fairies cook.

Onsen eggs hahahhaa.

Unlike the black eggs in Hakone, the eggs here are normal beige color. (Actually beige is not really normal in Japan. Their normal egg color is white.)


Taste like normal boil egg XD


After the tour in Hell/Heaven, we drove to see the volcano and also the Volcano Memorial Hall.

Mizunashi-honjin Fukae Road Station.

In here you can find the most ridiculously cheap groceries you can ever find in Japan.

A bag of Daikon for 50 yen (RM1.50). And a whole bunch of carrots for 70 yen (RM2). Six kiwis for RM6. REALLY????

Not really.

A sack of carrots enough to feed a whole village for RM17. Say whaaaaaaaaaat.

The road station also sells some of the most bizarre souvenirs. One of them is Champon Drops. (I don’t mean the downfall of my pet. Again. Just to make it clear. You know.) Which is a candy in the most popular Nagasaki noodle flavor.


Unzen milk. I just love trying all their local milk in different places. Just to evaluate how their cows perform. I mean, as a cow myself, it’s natural for me to be competitive ok. Don’t judge.


After that we checked in to our Ryokan in Unzen. Junya slept like a baby.

Oh wait. He IS a baby.

The thing about having a baby is that… it really does bring people closer together. Thank you Junya. Without you maybe your papa won’t even have a chance to have an intimate quality time with his own father.

More about the amazing ryokan in the next post! Now i want to go sniff my baby.