This is our sketch book in the house.

We painted one side of the walls with a chalk-friendly paint over a magnetic paint, so now you can doodle on it any time like a blackboard and can also stick magnets on it!!! Pretty cool right?? We did this before Junya was born because we thought in the future he could have some fun doodling on the wall without us exploding with heartache lol.

Except that the last doodle was made on Junya’s fullmoon -____-. In a few months time i just wipe of “4” and replace with “5” and “month” to “year”, and i have a brand new message board -___-.


Which reminded me that we seriously need to do something to the house! It is still as empty as we just moved in (in a rush when i was 8 month pregnant), except we have extra diapers and lots of toys now. So the danna suggested putting up some shelves and doing some gardening to make the house more livable 🙂

We need new shelves to place things like my snow globe collections now that Junya can stand up and most things at low height are within the reach of his destructive little fingers lol.

And the danna prefer building his own furniture (the shoe rack, Champon’s house, the book shelf etc) so we started phase 2 renovation!!

Of course there are some drillings to be done and some holes on the wall that need to be filled!

So today i’m sharing a simple DIY tip where you can quickly and effectively fix any cracked walls or unsightly nailing holes!

I’m using only two products that are exclusively brought by SRI Rx: How D.I.Y Should Be.

1. ONETIME Lightweight Spackling 

2. ONETIME Wall Repair Patch

Two items that i recommend you to keep in your tool box!

A quick demo!

So there’s these nail holes on one of the walls we wanted to cover up. So the danna dug out the wall plugs and left a big crack there.

So first of all we use the Wall Repair Patch.

It gives permenant repair on walls and ceiling with a self-adhesive, rust-proof Galvanized steel patch. You can use it on countertops, tubs, sinks, showers, fixtures, windows and door frames, etc.

And then with ONETIME Lightweight Spackling.

It fills cracks, dents, nail heads and other holes in just a single application. It won’t shrink, sag or crack after being applied, and can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can use it on plaster walls/drywall, woof surfaces, etc.

Here’s how it works!

It’s incredibly easy even a DIY idiot like me also can do!!

1. Clean the surface of the wall.

2. Peel of the adhesive sheet of ONETIME Wall Repair Patch and apply on the wall.

3. Spackle it with ONETIME Lightweight Spackling

4. Done!

It dries up really quick too!

It is also super lightweight that Junya can hold and flip it around! The benefits of a lightweight spackling product is thatt here is less chance of holes reopening and worsening of cracks.


Anyway, other than filling up holes, it can also fill up hairline crack which is 90% of all household problems.

Both the products are sold at a very low rate compared to retail price and Sri Rx is absorbing the 6% GST for orders through them, so order yours now and email


Giveaway time! I will be giving a way one pair of each variant to 5 of you who leave a comment telling me who is the supplier for ONETIME Lightweight Spackling and ONETIME Wall Repair Patch.

Do leave email address so you could be contacted! ^^