Happy birthday to the person i love the most in the universe!!!!

Before Junya was born, the danna and i used to have talks about having a baby, and once, i asked if he would get jealous if i end up loving the baby more than him. He replied that it would be strange if i don’t (and glad if i do). And it is only natural because that is what makes me a mother.

So i guess i have become a mother. And he become a father, of course. I always thought that love is like a quota thing, where you have 100% as full tank and you spare some to certain people and the remaining to others. And you can run low on fuel hahaha. But being a mom makes you generate infinity love. :P. Powered by baby. Hahaha.

Recently we have been really busy (me with my own stuff and also Junya. And Junya is busy with… whatever that keeps me busy lolol… ie repeatedly emptying my make up drawer…), and i don’t really have time to update. I didn’t even remember to do the monthly post on Junya!!! (I will have one, a little later i think.)

But we have been so happy! (I assume he is happy because hmmm… his mother is happy? Haha. I always believe a happy mom makes a happy baby, and vice versa!) I cannot imagine anything happier than this!! Ok i sound like i’m on drugs. It’s probably late night lethargy. Or my baby. Most likely both.

So today, Junya turns one.

ONE!!!! Junya’s first birthday!! In his life!!

And with Junya turning one year old i am turning one  year old too. As a mother.

I have shared this on Facebook before, but i just want to share it again. To every mother who is reading this.

I think a reader showed me this long time ago, and i teared so much at the end of it. Damn all the Japanese commercials lol.

Happy birthday to you mommies too. 🙂