Photo post on Bali during our family trip in early May.

Afternoon flight was much harder since Junya wanted to move around and wiggled non stop -_-

Was hoping he slept through most of the 3 hours flight but he woke up after 15 mins -_-.

We stayed at the same resort again in Canggu! Away from all the tourist mess, the danna wanted to have some peace and ALLLL the waves to himself lolol.

Breakfast by the seaside!

Beachfront resort. It’s just foot steps away!

Danna went surfing early in the morning.

JunJun watched papa surf!


Then spent the whole morning lying down.

Junya’s first time on the turf!!




For lunch we went to the famous Hog Wild (used to be Naughty Nuri’s).


Babi Guling

The famous BBQ Pork Ribs!!

And pork bone soup.

JunJun’s lunch.


Napping after lunch. Happy dreams? 😀

In the evening was beach time again! Made him wear socks cuz he was very icky about the pokey grass lol.

Went to the beach to watch sunset :))


He gave me a disgusted face after touching sad for the first time.

LINE Bear papa came back from his sea rides.

JunJun’s first time in the sea! So many first times 😀


And watched the sun set.



The next day was also spent at the pool!

JunJun’s new swimwear. The danna is very serious about his son’s water training XD.

First surfing lesson hahaha.

I’m (a bit) water phobic so i hope he follows papa instead >.<


He was so sleeping after his “swimming lesson” by papa, and fell promptly asleep the moment i wrap him up in a towel. Swaddling a 11m old big baby!


For lunch, we discovered a really awesome place!! It’s called Warung Dandelion, a newly opened Balinese cafe located in Canggu, which is not far from our resort.

Antique wooden decor, open concept with lots of greens and… overlooking a paddy field! There’s also a house bunny in the garden if you like animals.

The staff were extremely welcoming, helpful and meticulous, i felt almost like we were at a fine dining restaurant!

Love the refreshing drinks!

We had whatever was recommended and it didn’t disappoint. Chicken and tuna wrapped in leaves and marinated with fresh herbs, it was light yet flavorful!

My fav Paku Pakis!

Recommended to make a visit there even if you don’t stay in Canggu.


For dinner it was our usual hang out place, Echo Beach.


Always go there for awesome sunset views.

Western BBQ dinner. A little pricey but pretty good food!

Bear papa over order as usual XD

JunJun’s tomato pasta.


And… good night and bye bye Bali. See you again!