I always thought that i would be confined mostly at home once i start a family, but recently our family have been traveling quite a lot, especially now that Junya is older and he started to enjoy seeing new things.

We have been in Hawaii for a family resort vacation for a few days now and we are loving it! For the past few weeks, we have truly enjoyed our family life together in Tokyo, going to new places and taking on new adventures… I wanted to eternalize all these precious moments (you know how babies grow up so fast!!), so i am trying to take as many pictures as i could. Recently i have also started recording snippets of our life on videos!

First stroll on the beach with papa…

And mama…

First sand play…

First birthday celebration…

(All taken with Lumix GH4)

This is the camera!

I didn’t bother with the quality much before this, everything was recorded with my iPhone since it is so convenient. But not after i have discovered 4K. Only a one second glance and i was sold.

What is 4K? How is it different?

4K Resolution, also called 4K, refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels. It is becoming more and more popular and widely available as Youtube as also adopted and supports 4K video uploads.

You can shoot with a 4K device such as the Lumix GH4, and then view it on a 4K display such as the Panasonic Viera 4K TV. When the danna and i moved into our new apartment, we bought a Panasonic Viera Smart TV, but now i totally want to upgrade it to a 4K TV!!!

A 4K Ultra HD TV delivers 4 times the picture resolution of a full HD TV. Have you seen the amazing colors and almost surreal sense of depth?

The latest Viera CX600 and CX700 4K TV series have a unique Panasonic technology called the HEXA Chroma Drive. It uses 6-colour instead of 3 to reproduce stunning picture quality and faithful colours.


This is 4K (on the right) compared to the usual full HD TV:

Extra vivid and realistic!

One more important point is how clear the visuals will become. When watching English movies, the danna always needs the subtitles and he forever needs to squint his eyes trying to decode the blurry subs, but he will not miss the storyline with a 4K TV now!

I quite regretted not taking more high quality videos before, because i thought it won’t make much difference anyway since i almost always view the videos on my iPhone. But after seeing a 4K TV in the store, i want to shoot everything in 4K!!!



Not convinced yet? You may be already happy with your full HD, but the Panasonic Viera 4K TV comes with a high performance image-processing engine, so even though you are only watching a your blu-ray or DVD full HD video content, it can be upscaled to 4K-equivalent resolution with this powerful technology!!

I have requested to loan a unit of Lumix GH4 camera prior coming to Japan so that i could record all our travel adventures in 4K, and to be viewed on Panasonic Viera 4K TV (when we upgrade it in the future XD) whenever we want to reminisce the sweet moments. Months later, or even years later, when Junya grows up (really?? I tried to eat a sea shell by the beach when i was a baby???). It would be priceless memories.

Here’s a collaborated video taken by me with the help of my friends and the danna in Japan, shot in 4K with Lumix GH4!

There will be more videos of our adventures in Japan and Hawaii (i’m bringing my camera there!) in the weeks to come, so do follow our #PanasonicWanderlust journey on Panasonic’s website at:



I hope you guys will enjoy it! I am having so much fun with the camera and hopefully when we get home we could always view it on Panasonic Viera 4K TV. If you own one, you can watch it online from the TV too 🙂

For more info on the TV and other 4K related devices, you can go to www.panasonicmalaysia.com/viera