Collection of my (and also sometimes Junya’s) coordinates this Japan trip in summer! The weather was mostly quite nice (pleasantly warm, though occasionally could be quite hot) so it was a breeze to dress up!

Other than the few outings we had, it was mostly just a trip to the mall next door or combini downstairs so some of them were really just Combini Coordinate lolol. BUT HEY I AM IN TOKYO. There’s zero forgiveness for fashion laziness.


Coordinate 1

It was a family date at Harajuku for shopping! Since my suitcase was mostly filled up with Junya’s diapers and none of my own clothes, it’s perfect excuse for a new wardrobe.

Matching Adidases.





Coordinate 2

Meeting RinRin and also gatecrashing a Reebok event.

Shirt and pants stolen from my 60+ year old aunty’s wardrobe lololol.

Shirt from UNIQLO.

Watch: Baby G.

I actually changed my sneakers later on because i asked RinRin if it was very KY (kuuki yomenai, literally means “cannot read the air”) to wear Adidas to a Reebok event, she replied erm yes? So yea. But that was the only pair of shoes i had so it was another perfect excuse to have new additions to my shoe cabinet.

Obaachan hairmake.



Coordinate 3

Just down the neighborhood mall for family lunch!

Hat: Yeaaaaars ago from H&M

Denim: Used from WEGO


Tote bag: Free gift from magazines 😀

JunJun was shaking a box of mint.


Coordinate 4

A rather chilly and rainy day kind of outfit. Went to Daikanyama for Baby Shop shopping.

Top: EMODA X Champion

Sneakers: My new Reebok



Coordinate 5

Lunch at the Totoro Cream Puff cafe!

Shirt: Vintage from my aunty

Glasses: Ray Beams

Hair pins: WEGO

JunJun eating my new phone case.


Coordinate 6

Outing with Number76 staff from Malaysia!

Matching overalls and sneakers❤︎

JunJun’s overall: Vintage by OshKosh from Santa Monica (used shop)



Coordinate 7

Home party with mama friends at Aoyama!

New sandals: BEAMS

Pants: EMODA. Wrong move. Wrooooong move. Never ever wear white to a party with babies. Ever.



Coordinate 8

Erm just down the combini to get onigiris.


Coordinate 9

Dinner date with Omatsu san and Nanaco!

Hair bandana & Top: Beams Boy


Coordinate 10

Way too casual for a work meeting. :X

Hat: Danna’s

Dress: LBC




Coordinate 11

Lunch date with RinRin!

Denim dress: Used Shop

JunJun wouldn’t sit still for picture!!! XD

Hairmake. Haven’t put on color lenses in aggggggggges. Was very uncomfortable lol.


Coordinate 12

More shopping at Harajuku 😛

Cap: WC

Shirt dress: Beams Boy

Sandals: From some random subway clothing store

Bagpack: Stolen from danna

JunJun was eating his brand new slipper sek tor hai omg :X

The little Number76 pins are all specially made and the origami ribbon pin is also handmade from paper (!!!!) by Gomi san from NALU for every single Number76 staff from Malaysia (all 60 of them!!!!!)! I heard she didn’t sleep the night before T____T.  Japanese Omotenashi Spirit maximum.

Thank you sooo much <3


Coordinate 13

Down to the city hall to make JunJun’s passport for our trip to Hawaii! Already in resort holiday mood lolol.

Hat: Oshman’s

Top: Moncler (stolen from danna)

JunJun in matching marine theme.

😀 🙂



Coordinate 14

Lunch date with RinRin & Misha at baby cafe. (Junya was our entrance ticket lolol)

This time JunJun was chewing on a can of energy drink.

Kumamon’s T shirt!



Coordinate 15

Off to Ayumi Hamasaki’s concert!!! Was so nervous about how challenging it was so i was trying to dress as comfy as possible.

Cap: Stolen from danna

Sweatpants: UNIQLO (actually is my pajama pants lolol)

JunJun one shoe missing XD

Junya was trying to open a bottle of yogurt drink.



Coordinate 16

Disney debut with JunJun!!

Denim: stolen from danna

Tank Top: from baby shop at Daikanyama. Junya has a matching one 😀



Coordinate 17

JunJun’s birthday today!!! Off to Mother Farm!

Shirt: College Kitsune

Origami Ribbon: Handmade by Gomi san from NALU.



That’s all! These are actually just half of the coordinates. I couldn’t take any more mirror ootd after the last one because…. i was so exhausted after coming back from the farm, i just threw my overall into the washing machine… without realizing that my camera was inside the pocket.


I know. T_T.