I love June and July because many of my favorite people’s birthdays are on these two months!

There’s JunJun in June (yea that’s partly why i gave him the name lol) and the danna in July. This year the only present i had for him is his lunchbox.

Getting more and more cheapskate every year lolol.

But this is the most serious kyaraben i’ve made ok!! Got sketch wan! Hahaha.

The food picks are from Tokyo DisneySea!


Anyway, i did have a small party for the danna and Junya, since You & Co, a wedding/party planner was sooo nice to help me arrange it!

All i had to do was send Yumi the planner a few pictures and tell her what theme i wanted.

The theme was Happy Surfers at the Beach!!!


Nice ma? It turned out to be very Hawaiian also! With the colorful lei (leis?) and other beachy decor. The location was at number76 Publika branch!


I included Junya in the party also but he was already asleep so he didn’t get to celebrate at all lol.

The cake is made by D’Sabroso! I love how they made the sand with cookie crumble, looks so real and edible too! XD

Yes that’s how the danna looks. You are welcome.

Cupcakes with macaron!

The starfish texture is sooooo real!! How they do it!!

Yumi also arranged some personalized chocolate for the guests. Simple and nice hor!

Hawaiian haha.

Yoshi’s birthday was one day after the danna’s (he is still single!!!!!!! And he is a Cancerian!!! The most loyal and best star sign of all 12!!! First come first served!!! lolol) and that shirt is my present for him XD. Apparently he said it’s the best present he ever received lolol.

Thank you Yumi who arranged everything for me. She made it happen despite of my very last minute request, and i didn’t even have to lift a finger to do anything. Got la to hold spoon and eat only lolol.

If you are interested, here are the details!

Planner & Decorator: You & Co.
Instagram: @you.n.co
For Cheesie’s readers and followers, You & Co. is giving out RM100 discount (until 31st Dec 2015) with discount code “CHEESIE100” with minimum spending of RM2,000 on decoration services (wedding, birthday & events).






Number76 Publika 

at Number76 Publika for hair maintenance!!

First it’s bleach highlight for just a very subtle effect.

And then whole head color!!

I went for a darker ash grey!

Catching up with Hikky! Don’t know how she keeps her hair forever blonde but still so soft wan!

Family date hahah. My baby looks like me or his papa? XD



Number76 Bangsar 2

And few days ago i went to Bangsar 2 for treatment because my mama friend Eve wanted to claim her birthday treatment!

With my hot date JunJun.

Love how spacious the chair is can fit the both of us!!

Did Tansan hair wash and Ultrasonic Premium treatment!! I saw that recently many other salons also came up with different variations of Ultrasonic treatments. That’s how popular Number76’s original Ultrasonic treatment from NALU Omotesando is! It’s a little confusing because they could go by many names but you never know what ingredients they use omg.

If you have tried them from other salons you will know the difference. 

Yes. Welcome back to Number76. 

And styling by Amy!




Amy ❤︎ She is based at Bangsar 2 branch!!


Hair arrange 1:

Love this hair length! Though i’m thinking of growing it out for another style i’ve been wanting to do for a long time!!


Hair arrange 2:



Thank you Number76 always for taking good care of my hair!

Number76 only has 6 branches (including NALU Omotesando, Tokyo).

If you haven’t visited any of them yet, feel free to make appointment online for the branch nearest to you!


These are the outlets!

If you ever visit Tokyo and want to visit NALU for hair services, you can make a booking via email: contact@number76.com!