Since i am mostly domesticated nowadays, i need to be an expert in many household related knowledge, such as mold prevention, durability of non-stick pans, the challenge of sustainable gardening, and … if a vacuum cleaner really sucks.

The latest addition in the house: Toshiba Torneo with a Dual Tornado System.

Yes, many of you are now aware that cyclone type vacuum cleaners are one of the most powerful. While some of you may 忍痛 and invest a few thousand Ringgit in a cyclone vacuum machine, this Toshiba Torneo is maybe 1/3 or even 1/4 the price.

So let’s see how Toshiba Torneo’s performs for me:


1. Lightweight

A lightweight vacuum cleaner is a MUST because you don’t want to tire yourself dragging the machine everywhere before you even start the real work lol.

Toshiba Torneo’s body weight is only 2.8KG with hidden wheels at the body, so you can carry it around everywhere, and it’s perfect for the elders and heavy users.


2. Accessories

The Torneo comes with different brushes that are inter-exchangeable. Will elaborate on this.


3. Futon Brush

One of them is the futon brush. This is a godsend. WHY NOBODY INVENT THIS EARLIER???

How many of you have never vacuumed the bed before because it just… doesn’t seem right? I feel like after all the dirt-sucking from the floor, you are just going to add more disgusting stuff on to your bed if you roll your vacuum cleaner over. Yucks.

But nooooo. The Japanese’s futon (bed/mattress) are too precious that all these ultra-hygienic Japanese people designed a Futon Brush specially just for bed cleaning.


You know how much fur this fella is shedding everyday? T___T. He is blowing his coat now (twice a year, summer and winter, regardless of the country he is in lol) and our bedroom is hellllllll (he sleeps with us in the same room).

This is all the crap from my bed. Can you believe it??? I change the bedsheet twice a week yet there is so much dust you don’t see!!!!!

Other than fur, i’m also constantly worried about dust mites, because i used to suffer very serious sinus problem (every. single. day.) almost my whole life, until i moved house and made sure i keep it very, VERY clean.

So it is very very important you regular vacuum your bed!! The Futon Brush helps to remove dust mites and particles to reduce dust allergy on bedding, sofa, cushion, etc.

It is scientifically proven to reduce exposure to allergens as certified by The British Allergy Foundation!

So yes, a must have if you have young ones at home!


4.  Handgrip

You know for most vacuum cleaners, the on off button is at the body and every time you will need to bend down and press? -___- (Ok la you can use your toes but very unglam ok.)

This one is right at the handle.


You can also adjust the suction power by just one touch. Super convenient!!



5. Revolving Brush

Did you know that the brush will automatically stop spinning when it is being lifted off the floor? So that it is safe for kids and pets at home. As Champon is forever curious whenever i vacuum, i don’t want him to go bald, you know what i mean.



6. Crevice Nozzle/Round Brush

The other tools are super useful too!

The crevice nozzle is great for corners and places that are hard to reach.

The danna is quite a clean freak lol so everywhere must be taken care of!

While the round brush will help surface cleaning.

PC, desks, and surface with stuff you don’t want to damage.



7. Power

Ok, so the most important question right? Is it as powerful as other cyclone type vacuum cleaners in the market?

To be honest i already have two vacuum cleaners at home that cost 3 times the price of this. I find Torneo doing the job just as perfectly.

Torneo’s Dual Tornado System that provides sustainable and consistent suction power. Suction power is sustained over 99.9%*. The vacuum cleaner sucks air and collects dust into a special “dust cup”, which is super easy to clean. (Cotton bags are yesterday!!)

Yes there are some vacuum cleaners with input power between 1600W to 2400W, and it sounds ZOMG powerful. But did you know that higher input power also means higher electric bills? As a housewife i need to balance things like this lolol. Effectiveness VS Cost Performance. Torneo is 1100w and thus provide better energy efficiency.


Lastly, the retail price inclusive of GST:

VC-GC33BSA – RM 889

VC-GC32BSA – RM 667


Huh. Sure or not.

Yes wor.


Models and color available:



Lastly, watch my quick video review on it!!!


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