I guess there isn’t any girl in this world who doesn’t love having good hair. That’s what hair salons are for :P.

I loooove my hair and am very proud of my hair because the salons takes great care of it, giving me great colors, perms and styles. My hair almost always looks good lolol.

When Yun Nam Hair Care offered me a free hair treatment session, i thought… huh but i don’t have hair loss problems, since they are known as the expert of hair care for hair loss. But since i get to have a free consultation, i happily agreed to do so.

I went to the branch in The Curve, which is newly refurbished and looks sparkly new.

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In the consultation room waiting for my hair consultant.

The very friendly consultant from Yun Nam, Hannah spent a long time checking my lifestyle background to find out how that has affected my hair condition.

After that we did a scan on my scalp for hair scalp analysis.

I did not expect the result to come out so scary T___T.

Sorry if i traumatize you with my unsightly scalp picture, but this is how part of my scalp looks like.

I guess one whole month of traveling without proper hair care has taken a toll on my hair scalp. There was a lot of dandruff and even damaged scalp due to scratching T___T.

Hannah explained to me about human hair scalp and that all scalp problems such as oily hair, dandruff and dry hair will eventually lead to hair fall, even though i am not at the age of noticing any hair loss problem.

She then proceeded to customize the Yun Nam scalp treatment for me.

First and most importantly, it has to start with scalp cleansing! Hannah added an anti-dandruff paste on my scalp that will help remove dirt and dead skin, before steaming it for 5 minutes.


Grabbing a quick bite during treatment XD.


After that, a mixture of specially selected herbs were applied on my scalp to treat my specific hair problems.

Hannah then gave me a soothing head massage to improve blood circulation. And then the steaming process began again to allow the hair to absorb nutritions.

After that, hair wash again with a specially formulated Ginseng shampoo, and i’m done for the treatment!

Hannah understands the treatment and products really well, she explained it step by step to me, which i think is really important to make a customer feel comfortable and confident!

We went back to the consultation room and had a second scanning.

Whoa totally different!!!!!

Allllll the dandruff were gone and my scalp looked sparkly clean!

After the treatment, I also received a product kit for home care.

It consist of a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, Hair Nutrition Lotion and Herbal Hair Tonic.

I feels good to know that after the visit, you can still continue to take care of your hair at home.


I am glad that i came for the consultation and treatment session, as i always thought i didn’t need it because i was happy with my hair. But i neglected my scalp!!

Do get a free scalp scan done even of you didn’t think you have any hair problems. At early stages, only a scalp scan with high magnification can detect potential problems, so don’t wait till you get bald spots then only seek for treatment!!!


There’s a limited time offer from Yun Nam for new customers!

You get to enjoy:

1 regenerative hair cell therapy + 1 hair root

strengthening therapy + 1 hair revival kit + 1 hair tonic for FREE.

It would be a two hour session. Go book your free consultation and treatment here!!

It has been 4-5 days now since i went for my scalp treatment in Yun Nam and my scalp still feels very clean now thanks to the Hair Product Kit compliments from Yun Nam.