I love juice bars.

Fresh fruits are always the best, but sometimes i just don’t have the patience to cut the fruits (a quick Googling tells me that there are 10 steps to cut a pineapple.), and sometimes i don’t want to keep eating the same fruits everyday (10 apples a pack). So that’s how juice bars come into the picture.

Juice Works is a clear favorite because it’s everywhere, and it has more than 30 flavors to choose from, and is freshly blended on the spot! Whether you are in the mood for a power smoothie, an ice-cold fruit smashes, a cup of healthy detox or even a light savory snack.

I also love how they include the nutrition facts and calorie count for each of their beverages.


Trying out one of their latest addition: Got The Beet! It is made of a healthy juice recipe that includes cucumber, oranges and guava.

In conjunction with World Heart Day that’s happening this month, they’ve launched a new heart-healthy drink that will get your heart in tip-top condition.

I used quite a lot of beet in Junya’s food because of how pretty it makes the food look, but i didn’t know that it is such a powerful vegetable.

It’s a natural coloring that i added in Junya’s food to make silly food art. It didn’t have a strong flavor or taste so it can be added in almost anything – porridge, potato…


Got the Beet is made up of beetroot, orange, cucumber and guava it is packed with vitamins & minerals that your heart needs.

Comes in such pretty pink color! Despite the vivid color, the juice tasted more of mixed orange juice, with a tinge of sourness just as i like it.


The next highlight of the month is the Wheatgrass Shot!

Did you know that wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges? 1 Wheatgrass shot at Juice Works is equivalent to 1kg of vegetables & fruits, and great for detoxifying the body too!

Whoaaaaa i’m turning green at the thought of it hahahha.

Well wheatgrass sure does not taste like caramel cotton candy, but if you can down a shot of Tequila, Wheatgrass is nothing. Think of what good it can do to your body!!

Ok here goes… 1 2 3!!

It’s not too bad actually! I thought it would be super bitter, but it tasted raw (like blended vegetable), even a tad sweet.

And then you and bite on the orange given to neutralize your tastebuds.

All the goodness for just RM1.05!!

From now till 31st October, you can add-on a Wheatgrass shot for only RM1.05 with every purchase of the new heart-healthy juice – Got the Beet.

The promotion is available at all Juice Works counters in Malaysia. You can check out the locations here: