Today i’m blogging about my baby item shopping haul from Japan!!!

If you are into health and convenience (then again, which mom isn’t???) and maybe some kawaii, Japan will be your shopping heaven for your babies/kids.

Ever since i had Junya, 80% of my luggage space are reserved for Junya’s items. Cannot resist.


Before that here are some things you will need to know if you are going to Japan with your baby/young kids! I may have mentioned it before but here they are again:

Diaper Panic

It’s quite shocking, but you won’t find baby necessities like milk powder and baby diapers in most departmental stores in Tokyo. IKR!!! Many readers told me they went into panic mode when they could not locate any baby diapers. How does Tokyo babies survive????

The answer is, forget about major departmental stores like Isetan/Takashimaya/Seibu/Tobu/Parco. Don’t have wan. They only carry oshare (fashionable) clothings and accessories. Only the neighborhood malls like Aeons will have them. But most tourists stay in central Tokyo, so your best bet are drugstores, Don Quijote, and the “supermarkets” that are not inside a mall, usually random shoplots by the streets.

So bring enough diapers for at least 2-3 days and in case of emergency, run to the nearest combini. They usually sell the super mini pack. Major shopping malls will have nursing rooms and usually you can find vending machines that sell individual diapers to your rescue. Awesome!!



Is the heaven for baby shopping. It’s a little far off though, the nearest from Shibuya is probably the outlet in Gotanda, and you can go there to shop for all your baby necessities at the start of your trip. You can also buy it online (Japanese website though) and have it delievered to your hotel.


What to feed your baby?

If you are not one of those parents who MUST give your baby allergen-free 100% organic and ethical vegan food, then forget about the slow cooker, baby food processors and chopping boards. Japan has the most convenient instant baby food selections in the world. Yes, organic too.


Your baby shopping list:

The baby stuff i bought here are just like a few fur from a shedding Shibainu lol. I went to the Akachanhonpo at Musashikosugi and because we went by train and i had to push Junya in a stroller, i couldn’t 爆買 (binge shopping in Japanese) lol.

But here are some of my recommendations:

1 Baby Food

From Kewpie, Pigeon, Wakodo, Beanstalk, Meiji. There’s a premium range from Meiji (pretty expensive) and Junya loves that. Other than that, Kewpie and Pigeon are usually cheap beyond belief. One pack (for one meal) is 100 yen. SGD1 LEH!!!! Cook at home also cost more hor!!! BUY!!!!!!!

I bought like a whole trunk-ful lol. It saved my travel life. Junya is starting to get bored of baby food but still it’s super useful during super busy days and when i’m not around to cook for him.

They have varieties for toddlers up to 1 year 6 months, so you will find something that suits your child’s age.

Other than baby food there’s also Baby Furikake.

There’s also baby roux (Curry and Hayashi rice), you know the curry cube you used to cook Japanese curry? It’s milder in taste and no additives etc etc. Very kids friendly! (from 1 year and above)

Baby macaroni (allergen-free) and baby Calpis. I looooove how they have baby versions of almost everything!!

The Japanese are so particular about mild and gentle taste for the young ones they made everything baby-friendly!


2. Baby Milk and Yogurt

Also, milk and yogurt for baby.

Actually i think the milk has no difference from regular fresh milk, it’s just that the box is so awesome!!! It’s just the right size and you know how toddler’s always like to squeeze the milk box and cause milk fountain splash T___T. This one is tough enough for squeezing and the straw opening makes it spill-free too!

The Baby Yogurt of course also comes with no additional sugar and in perfect baby size!


3. Baby Masks

in preparation to brace the haze once we get back to Malaysia -_-


4. Baby Food Scissors

This is a must-have for all mothers with babies who started solid! Use it to cut meat/noodles/vegetables, and it’s portable so now you can eat out and share your adult food with baby!! 😀

Unfortunately i lost the scissors in DisneySea. But i really really couldn’t live without it so i bought a new one.

Even cuter XD

5. Baby Toothpaste

In Japan children dental health is of utmost importance, there’s an entire section dedicated to making your babies brush their teeth happily. Hello Kitty Anpanman Elsa toothbrush all also have!!!

Thisone is Florine for babies. Usually after brushing the teeth, you spray it on the baby tooth brush and just lightly brush and coat the teeth with it!


6. Baby Snacks

This one is for 1 year and above!!!

Who loves Calbee!!!! And you think snacks like prawn crackers and potato chips are unhealthy, but you also know how kids love adult snacks!!

This one is non-fried, and salt content is 40% less. Junya loooooooves it. His favorite snack so far!!


7. Diaper plastic bag

Well this one is for good manners. Usually you don’t just throw the diapers into the bin like that (nobody likes that smell!!!) I ran out of it one time on the airplane and i had to change Junya’s poo-poo’ed diaper. I felt really really sorry for the next passenger who used the toilet T__T.

So be considerate, wrap your soiled diapers up before throwing it in the bin!


8. Patenting book

Happy Parenting for Calm Mama lol.

This one is for myself wan la hahha.



That’s all for today!

Here’s a bonus. Not for Junya but for my other baby. Neh the furry one lol.

“Wagyu Soft Bone”.

My dog is luckier than me lol.