My hair could be under a lot of stress with all the traveling and exposure to all kinds of different climates.

Usually back in Malaysia i will just pop by the salon and get a serious intensive fix for my hair monthly, but when i’m traveling i hardly have the time (and luxury!) to do that, so indeed sometimes i do think my hair needs an instant miracle to look good after all the flying XD.

Is there something quick, affordable and effective to fix damaged hair in an instant?

So i heard the 3 Minute Miracle does. And i am giving it a chance.

One of my biggest hair problem is dryness and tangles. And the new Pantene Pro-V works right at that.

To compare against Pantene’s regular conditioner, the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner not only leaves strong results but delivers superior smoothening performance, with the new formula that conditions the hair while it is still wet, forming a thin film that lubricates the surface. This reduces the friction between individual hair fibres, resulting in easier rinsing and reduced tangling. Result: tangle-free hair!!

I used to not like hair conditioners (*que gasps*) because while they made my hair smoother, they also made my hair extra oily.

And then i found out that was because i over-applied my conditioner and all over my whole head -___-.

Use just the right amount and work it through the middle of your hair to the end!

Leave the top part untouched (and before that shampoo your scalp very, very well) and the result is clean scalp and smooth hair ends!

Fresh from the shower and i could feel zero tangles in my hair!! I also love how clean it feels without leaving a greasiness after rinsing off.

I usually dislike hair-drying the most because i will have to spend time detangling the strands but it’s very easy to run my fingers through the hair and that makes blow-drying much less lengthy.

When my hair is completely dry, it has a good shine and body to it without weighing it down!

Junya was mimicking me combing hair lol.

Pantene’s New 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is an everyday convenience, and at a super affordable price too: RM14.90!!


Recommended for the busy bees, the travel addicts and pretty much everyone who hopes for a 3-minute miracle!

Lasting Result:★★★
Strengthen Hair: ★★★


I also did a little video on the 3 Minute Miracle conditioner, watch the vlog:

For more info, visit: Pantene Malaysia’s Facebook Page