When you travel for 3 weeks and walk a loooong way everyday, foot care is a must although it may not show up in your to-pack list.

That is especially when you travel to Japan, where pedi care is no less important than skin care! If you go to Don Quijote in Japan, you can see that there’s a whole rack dedicated to just foot care, ranging from foot files, masks, paddings, socks, creams, etc. Japanese women do take great care of their feet!

And the no.1 ranking electronic foot file is none other than Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi:


The danna has exactly the same one I bought one another one for myself and brought it for our travels overseas since it is battery operated and very portable! The package comes with 4 AA batteries so there’s no need to get batteries on the side!

It looks like this with shiny sparkly bits on the file! Just switch on the button to gently buff away hard skin on your feet instantly and effortlessly.

This is how my foot look before. It’s not very bad but i think it could be smoother!

Just push a switch and the roller file will start spinning, you can just gently roll it across hard surface on your feet. There is no pain so don’t worry about it!

As you can see in this picture, the part of foot where the roller has gone through is instantly smoother!

All the deadskin that got filed off your feet in fine powdery form.


Before and after photo!!

Just less than 1 minute and my foot has instantly become smoother and softer!

Hopefully with continue usage my feet can be comparable to the velvety soft little feet like Junya’s!! 😀


Also, the roller head can be removed easily to wash and easily replaced when needed!

So! Now you can achieve beautiful salon standard pedicured feet without stepping out of your house!


It is sold at retail price RM135.20.

Find out more from: http://bit.ly/CheeserlandScholl

And get 5% off if you purchase it from Soukai.com.my using the promo code – “SCHSOU”!