Just before our trip to Japan, i received two sets of lip balm from CiUM!

CiUM is a born-in-Malaysia lip balm, so you can see that some of their flavors indeed have a local touch!

I gave the danna “Sambal” because he loves Malaysian spicy food!

Junya’s favorite is Meeko, which smells of rich cocoa.

He loves sniffing it!

Champon too!

And my favorite is S’berry, which is of a sweet, sweet Lychee scent.

Brought it along with me to DisneySea!


Anyway, what’s so special about this CiUM lip balm, and why is it called the kissing lip balm?

There’s actually quite a touching story behind it.

That’s the story in short. The true story came from Shaun, the founder of CiUM, also an airline pilot based in Malaysia.

He had a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, who is also a pilot based in Manila. And Shaun usually travels back and forth to see his girlfriend and his lips would get cracked because of the dry air and of course that’s quite a romance spoiler! He would use a lip balm but he thinks that most lip balms are either too oily or bland and do not have a good aftertaste.
So!! He decided to try and develop a kissing lip balm meant for couples. Each partner chooses a flavour and apply on their lips. When they kiss, the flavours mix and produces a sensation that intensifies kissing.


I think that’s quite a genius idea!! A lip balm company that aims to bring people closer and strengthen relationships.

To find out the truth for myself, i decided to try it myself. Unfortunately no kissing pictures will be posted here lolol so here’s how i did it. I mean, the single and available can buy the lip balm too and try the method below:

First you apply the first flavor on your upper lip. I use Ais here.

And then the other flavor on your bottom lip. I use Sambal here.

And then…. smack your lips together!!!

You will feel a burst of flavors that’s a fusion of fragrant spices and also a minty sensation. I tried the other set, “Meeko” and “S’berry”, and i got a fruity chocolate smoothie flavor!!

Other than the clever blend of ingredients, it will also produce a ultra sweet aftertaste that leaves you feeling like you just had a great dessert. Of course, don’t forget all the kissings too.


I’d recommend couples to buy it for their loved ones and bring it together when they travel.

Try kissing under Tokyo Tower (Eiffel Tower or whatever is your romantic spot!)



Chrismas is coming, so it’s time to prepare your glorious mistletoe, and of course a set of CiUM for your sweetheart.


CiUM is selling at only RM29 per set now instead of RM75!!

A brand new classy packaging is coming up and could be a great gift for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. You can pre-order your CiUM with the following flavors:
 a) CiUM Sambal/Ais
 b) CiUM Meeko/S’berry
 c) CiUM Jumbo/Ying
 d) CiUM Zac/Kimmy
at only RM50 per set!  When you buy it nearing Valentines, the price will be much higher so go and order your gift now at:



Happy kissing! 😀