This is Junya’s second time to Tokyo Disneysea!! (Third time, if you count the time when he was inside my tummy XD). You can read the previous blog post here.

I realized i have been to Disneysea 3 times in a row instead of alternating between Disneyland and DisneySea. Well for first timer it could be a very tough decision. I like both the theme parks, but i was at Disneysea again for only one reason: Gelatoni.

It is Junya’s favorite and i wanted to get ALLLLLL the Gelatoni merchandise for him! #Badparenting lol.

Our coordinate!



Oh ya! It was Carolyn’s first time in Japan so of course the Disney trip was for her too!!

While Junya is napping we too the train to Maihama.

Yay!!! It was the Halloween Theme!!

I actually dislike Halloween theme the most because everything is orangey and black and purple and mostly dark and vaguely scary instead of the usual happy romantic spring colors, cheerful marine/nautical summer ambience or the sparkly and fluffy winter feel.

But!! The Halloween this time is actually not that bad!!! I actually liked it quite a lot!

On the Disney train, still sleeping!

One day we still stay here!

Finally woke up when we arrived at the park. So good hor, just fall asleep blissfully and wake up to the happiest place on earth lolol.

But he cried the moment Marie came and said hi to him XD. This boy needs 15-20 minutes to come to from his grogginess.

Ohana means family.

Junya’s first ride of the day was 20000 Leagues Under The Sea!!

Our favorite Mermaid Lagoon! (Haha i love it because all the baby merchandise is in the gift shop here!!)

So colorful!


Pretend mermaid XD.

By this time Junya’s energy finally resumed to full bar lol.

Which also means tough time for mama cuz he’s running off everywhere. XD

Omg this is so yummy!!! Sea salt ice cream, totally fitted to the underwater world theme!

Shaped like a seashell too.

Some of the souvenirs i spotted:

Rather than Halloween, it’s more of a vintage autumn theme, and it’s pastel!!!

Theme is “Autumn Palette”, it features lots of drawings by Gelatoni (since he’s a painter. With… his tail lol), there are note pads, color pens, and other accessories. Soooo love!

Duffy & Friends cookies.

After that it was Arabian Coast for Simbad ride!


Anyone wants to buy my old pots and pans?

Waiting for the Magic Lamp Theatre show!

Haha dunno what’s up his sleeves with that expression XD

Performer’s meet and greet!

And then we ventured to the harbour for shopping time!

The Duffy house.

Toy Story Mania

With my new Gelatoni pouch!!!

JunJun taking his nap again.

By the time he woke up it was sunset.

And it was time for bye bye!!

Lots and lots of souvenirs from that day!!!

Here’s our shopping haul from DisneySea:

A Halloween 2015 Disney Resort Cruiser to add to Junya’s Tomica collection.

A Dream Carry Super Tomica for all the small tomicas!!! (I’m afraid it has turned into mama’s obsession than so much as Junya’s -_-)

Ariel phone case

Minnie phone plug!

The cutest phone strap

T Shirt for Duffy

Duffy & Shelliemay


That’s all for now 😀

Just spent an hour coaxing Junya to sleep -_-. He is adjusting to his new school (today is the 4th day i dropped him off) and his sleep schedule is getting a little unpredictable.

It’s 22:08 now and it’s my sleep time too -_-. Gonna go do some stretches and zzzzz. Good night!