Today i’m going to blog about an awesome animal farm which you can pet an alpaca!!!

Of course, in Japan. 

We accidentally found out about this place when we sent off a friend to Narita airport. Initially we wanted to go to Mother Farm again, but turned out that it was too far away so the danna searched for a nearer animal farm. And Bingo.


Moff Animal World

Funnily enough, we thought that it was a park/farm like Mother Farm, but it turned out to be an indoor mini zoo inside a shopping mall called the Big Hop Garden Mall in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture.

The entrance fee is 800 yen,  kids below 3 for free!!!

Upon arrival Junya already attracted many chicks lolol.

So fluffy and so warm!!!

If you are a bird or Harry Potter person, here’s an owlsome place for you. There are like 10 different kinds of owls waiting for you to admire.

To be honest they kind of scare me a little. It’s like they are saying “want me to read your fortune?” with an eerie stare. >.<


There’s also a cute desert fox!

And baby ferrets.


But but but… the highlight of the day for everyone was…

jeng jeng jeng…



I’ve been making so much Alpacurry that i really wished i could meet one in real life! I begged the danna to go to Nasu Alpaca Farm in Tochigi, which is maybe like 3-4 hours drive away from Tokyo. Buuuuut i didn’t know you get to meet one so close to Tokyo!!!!

Jeng jeng!! My first wefie with an Alpaca. Omg so happy!!!!!

Ok there were other fluffy animals too like the overfriendly goats. Maybe being Japanese they really need to feel compelled to be polite lolol. They came near me and sniffed me like i am fresh dewy grass off the meadow omg.

Junya not knowing how to react seeing so many alien things bigger than him moving around lol.

Hay. That’s me.

One come, all come. Yea yea i know i smell good and probably look delicious too.

The alpacas were really really tame and so well-tempered!! Although they did nibble on Junya’s shoelaces and thought my camouflage shirt is a forrest.


Junya 与草泥马的第一次亲密接触。

I bought a cup of lettuce and OMG that has done it. I was suddenly Neymar. Everyone was soooo excited to see me and wanted a piece of (lettuce off) me.

Ok ok i give. Somehow the goats ended up snatching most of it while the alpacas and just stared sheepily at me. Hahha very got manners.

Junya loved the less enthusiastic animals. So play it calm, y’all.

Giving a massage to the tortoise XD.


There was also a cat house!!!!

The cats here are sooooo chillax omg.


You know (okay you probably know.), i really disliked cats. For unknown reasons. But Junya loooooves the feline. And as a mom, you can only 爱屋及乌. 爱儿及猫。

But thanks to Junya, i think i started to not dislike cats anymore. I guess they still dislike me though lolol. But mutual respect we have, okay?

*pats pats*

He was sooooo happy to see them!

Just chillaxing with a kitteh.

The cats really. Maybe Japanese cats are more polite also lol. They were too polite to tell me to bugger off XD


Hmmmm. I don’t remember you asking me for permission for this selfie.


Junya 一厢情愿 playing hide and seek with the cats. (Nobody layan him lol)

“Mama, are the kats looking for me yet?”


Thank you, you kind, polite animals. Thanks for a fun family day 🙂