This was on 11 June, Junya’s first birthday!

We didn’t have any birthday celebration for him but we did plan to go somewhere nice where Junya gets to enjoy too, just the 3 of us.

Mama & bb coordinate ❤︎

JunJun is wearing his 1-year-old baby Montsuki, a formal kimono for this special occasion!

First we went to 76CAFE Omotesando for breakfast and to meet all the Number76 from Malaysia for their company trip to Japan!!

My lunch: Chicken Over Rice, my current obsession in 76CAFE. The first time i tried it was when QiuQiu ordered it last December and was instantly smitten. ❤︎

And then suddenly!!!!

Jeng jeng jeng….

76CAFE staff brought out a surprise cake with sparkler candles!!! Hahhaha looks very happening hor! With all the Number76 hair stylists and assistants taking photos. Ok la i assume that it was Junya’s grand 1st birthday celebration! 😀

Oh it’s not even cake! It was two adorable Passionfruit Ladybird Mousse!

Thank you soooooo much!

JunJun was allowed one bite of it <3




After the grand birthday celebration, the danna rented a car and we headed towards Mother Farm (yes wor that’s its actual name), a nature animal farm in Chiba. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Tokyo.

I don’t think it’s a very popular tourist destination because it’s quite far out and… well, it’s no Disneyland. But JunJun and i had juuuust come back from Disneysea the day before, so i wanted some quite time with nothing but real animals instead of a sweater human inside a mascot lol.

And… i must say it was underrated. Why haven’t anyone told me about this before???? (I read about it from a family magazine i bought from the combini. The entire magazine is about places you could go and stuff you could do in Kanto area with your babies/kids. Awesome or what!!!)

Mother of all farms. @__@

The actual view was much much more breathtaking. It’s the complete opposite of Tokyo city. There was no one in sight, but vast, vaaaaast meadows and blue mountains far, faaaaaar away. It was a little like Australia. But in Japan. And just short of an hour’s drive from world’s most busy city in the world.

June’s delight.

Which is also the month of blooming Ajisai, the beautiful hydrangea.

Looks like a whole bunch of vivid blue butterflies!

Different color variations.

How dreamy is this!!

I always wanted to live in a place like this. With a river nearby with cool runny water, and some ponies. Next to my cottage with warm fireplace lolol. JunJun is peacefully asleep sharing mama’s dream.

So is the danna LOLOL.

But really, it was a perfect day in June, just cool enough but not chilly, occasionally sunny. We just wanted to spend one loooooong lazy afternoon staring afar and breathe in a lifetime worth of peacefulness.

Oh there you go. My pony. Hahaha.

Even drawing for horses also they make so nice wor!!!! Very cute T__T


After interacting with the horses without much success (you can also do horseback riding if you want!), we went over to the petting farm.

And it was the BEST. PETTING. FARM. EVER.

Out of so many petting zoos/farms i went right, most of them were not really pettable lolol. Most of the time it just means that you can go up close and discover how smelly they are lolol. Unless you have retractable arms then you can stretch two meters and try to touch the goat’s tail.


But no. In this Mother of all Farm, animals are part of the human world. In a huuuuuuge enclosure, none of the animals were locked up. (Except the piglets i think. I dunno why.) They were just walking around like a strange mini human full of fur. Is like you can befriend one of them and make him your co-pilot like Chewbacca.

JunJun’s co-pilot candidate was a Capybara.

I was so glad that we decided to come here. I have never seen Junya so interested in animals before (fine, the only animals he knows was Champon and Mickey Mouse). He was (attempting) to chase after every single one of them, and all the animals were tame beyond belief. They just sit there and let Junya pet.

Occassionally will come and join our seflies.

Wefie with JunJun and Captain Capybara.

Getting good at this selfie thing.


Junya, don’t flip it over. No!

Ok this one cannot really pet la unless you wanna get wet.


There are many other animals just walking around randomly, you can watch the video i have include at the end of this post!


After the petting zoo, we decided to make one round of the farm (actually is because we missed the buggy -____-), and accidentally discovered one of the most beautiful gardens i’ve seen!!

Right, i have missed sakura yet again this year, but how about this?

Thousands and thousands of petunia in bright fuchsia forming a beautiful floral carpet.

Took this picture of Line Bear Papa and JunJun walking towards the bench for a rest cuz i was too busy exclaiming in disbelief to catch up with walking.

Then i demanded Line Bear Papa to walk back up so that i could run down and he could take the same picture for me wahhahahaha.

And i requested he looked after JunJun for 15 mins while i took 200 variations of this lol.

And then 20 of these.

And a few more.



And… that’s all!

If you ask me i would love to go back Mother Farm again. Although i think it may not be for everyone. Anyway i think we went a bit too late because there are much more activities to do!! Like cow-milking, sheep show, piggy race, etc!


To end the day, we GPSed a nearby onsen and just relaxed there.

It was JunJun’s first time going to a public onsen and saw sooooo many naked ladies (mostly obasan) lolol.

I was telling Junya, never in your life will you ever again have so many naked ladies come up to you and smile at you to say how cute you are, so please remember this moment lolol.

He agreed. 

And it was a happy happy birthday for Junya!


Anyway here’s the video i took at Mother Farm!! It’s 4 min long and i must warn you that it is quite boring cuz it’s just basically JunJun Toddling and Chasing After Things, you know, like Kim Jong Ill Looking At Things, sort of.

So feel free to skip it or just run the video as your background music, because Perfume is f**king amazing, although i must apologize in advance for the annoying cock who interrupts the video multiple times. (It’s a real rooster, don’t get the wrong idea.)