I loooove Japan Food Fair!!

Averagely once every few months Aeon will bring in special Japanese products from different prefectures in Japan, and this month, they have a total of 6 prefectures participating in the food fair at Aeon 1 Utama (Old Wing) and Mid Valley!

The prefectures are: Mie, Tokushima, Hiroshima, Niigata, Akita and Iwate.

Period of time: 12-25 November!

Only for these two weeks, you get to see, sample and buy all these special products from the above prefectures!

My baby bear also joining!

Getting a big cart ready for shopping XD


If you are a fan of Yuzu, you will be delighted to find many rare Yuzu products from Tokushima Prefecture! I looooove Yuzu so i’m really happy to see these!

Yuzu Citrus Ale

Yuzu Mizu you can use on onigiri, grilled fish, etc.

Yuzu Marmalade. Something different for your breakfast toast! ^^

I LOVE YUZU KOSHO OMG (0n the left). Our kitchen cannot run out of Yuzu Kosho (Yuzu Pepper). We put them on everything! Homemade oden, grilled chicken, meat balls, basically it’s our family’s favorite seasoning!

And also Yuzu salt, a refreshing spice for your cooking!

If you are big on Umami culture, this is a must! Dried shiitake mushroom powder from Mie Prefecture, you can put it in soup as stock, or any food that needs that extra flavoring. It’s basically a fairy umami dust for yummy cooking!

Japanese soup stock (dashi) for hot pots, soups and even porridge!

And then there’s the most famous rice in the world, Koshihikari from Niigata Prefecture.

Niigata is most famous for 2 things: powdery snow for skiing, and also the yummiest rice in the world. The world. Here are some instant porridge, including genmai and black rice porridge! Every family should have these for emergency  hunger times!

And what goes better with steaming hot rice and porridge? Nori (Japanese seaweed) from Tokushima Prefecture.

A lot of you asked me what kind of Nori for Junya, as you know many of the seaweed out there are flavored. You should look for “Yakinori”!! It either comes in long shape or a big sheet, but it’s unsalted and unflavored. And seaweed is a great great source of iron which may be lacking in a lot of Malaysian diet.

So be sure to include nori in your baby’s diet!!


And… how can you miss out miso paste when you come to Japan Food Fair!

The good news for muslims customers… this Miso paste from Tokushima Prefecture is certified Halal!

I wonder if anyone ever incorporate miso into Malay cuisine? 😛

And….. time for Gudetama fans!!

Look what i foundddddd

Kirimi chan Furikake

And of course, everybody’s favorite Gudetama. Furikake is also a must. When you are hungry to the point you feel like tearing the house down (don’t ever starve a pregnant woman!!!!), what’s better than instant rice AND furikake.

Buying for Junjun!!



Taste of  Tohoku

Again, pledging my support for the Tohoku region.

Two prefectures from Tohoku that is participating in this food fair is Iwate and Akita. Both prefectures are also very famous for their rice products!!


Hitomebore (Love At First Sight) Instant rice pack.


Another emergency stock up for Junya.

Rice crackers in cute packaging!

More rice cracker!! I randomly bought one pack (Junya wanted the pink one) and it was sooo good!!

Senbei made with Amaebi!

There’s also the Iwate Apples!!

Usually apples from Aomori, as i have introduced in my previous post are very expensive, but this one is quite affordable at RM6.90 only!!



Finally, now in Malaysia, you can buy Japanese rice too T____T. I have waited for you for sooooo long!

I mean, there are so many “Japanese Rice” out there in the market, but most of them are “short-grain rice, Japanese style”, from either USA or Korea.

This Akita-produced rice is unmistakable! It has a pretty girl on the packaging, and 100% produced in Japan.

This is your chance for the perfect onigiri!


That’s all for today! Don’t forget to drop by the Japan Food Fair at Aeon, 1 Utama and Mid Valley!

12-25 November, 2015!


Craving for Japanese food now?

For more delicacies and information on Tohoku, visit Taste of Tohoku’s Facebook page (in Italian and English) for more tips!!