Champon has been in our family for over a year now. He is a Shiba Inu, and we got him from Japan.

He is the big brother in the house since day 1 (first ever picture together!!).

I have to admit, once you have a child at home, your pet is never going to get the same amount of attention from you, ever again (unless they live 20 years and by then all you have is your pet lol). It’s sad but inevitable.

But the fortunate thing is!!!

He now has allllllllllll the attention from his little brother, Junya. Sometimes a little too much to his liking XD

They go for walks together.

And to be honest, having a pet actually gives more reason for us to spend more quality time together as a family.


Recently Champon has been diagnosed with cataract in one eye. I was very shocked and saddened to find out because he is barely 2 years old. It was an early onset. We are sending him for surgery tomorrow.

It made me rethink a lot of things. He still has many years together with us, but i want to make sure he is happy, is loved, I want to make sure he goes for all the long walks sniffing everything he wants while he still can and is still healthy. And i want to make sure we give him the best.

Which is why i ordered the best dog accessories from Goto-tomorrow, all the way from Japan.

We received it real fast!

Handmade collar and lead of the highest Japanese quality.

It feels really solid yet soft in my hand!

All accessories fashioned by an expert horse harness craftsman.

It’s really one of the highly popular luxurious pet accessory brands sold in high end stores such as Isetan Shinjuku, Kobe Sogo etc. It is also available in the lifestyle & design boutique Tortoise General Store, California, USA. It’s also featured on magazines, used by models or celebrities for their pets!

There was a showcase in Isetan Shinjuku earlier this November, and there was a demonstration on how the products are all handmade with care!

A horse harness master craftsman at work making round leather lead and collar in Isetan department store. I really admire how they really take their job so seriously to even have an exhibition of leather lead making!

So happy to receive this for Champon! This is the studded leather collar for dog.

It is designed to provide ultimate durability and utmost comfort for your beloved pets. When i read the information on the collar, i actually felt very touched. I used to buy collars that look nice and fashionable, it’s really more for the owner’s satisfaction rather than to think about the comfort for our pets. But Goto-tomorrow’s accessories truly reflect the Japanese omotenashi, taking care of the finest details and ensuring the best for their customers (owner and the pets).

Fashion studded collars usually are mass-produced by factories and the studs fall out easily.

But Goto-tomorrow’s studs are attached one by one with hand like horse harness ornaments and is extra secure.

And then there are the leads.

I got the Multi-Way Lead, which is 3 strong points, which are, “sturdy”, “easy to be repaired”, and “durable”.

So the collar was designed to provide best comfort for the pet, but the lead, now, is made to care for the dog owner.

How many of you have used a leather leash and feel that your hand is sore by the end of the day? The edge is usually very rough for leather leash. But the Multi-Way Lead uses one single piece of leather with beveled edge so that it fits very gently in your hand!

By the way, why it is called Multi-Way Lead is because you can walk more than one dog at the time with the lead!! Perfect for families with more than one furkid. 🙂

Another one is the Round Leather Lead:

Another authentic leather lead, hand-stitched one by one using a single piece of leather that would not crack on the surface. It is a difficult technique which can only be done by a skilled craftsman!

If the stitches are protruding on the surface, it will rub against your pet’s body and feel uncomfortable. Special oil from Germany is also applied so the lead is supple and strong. Only with the hand-stitching technique you can manually hide the stitches for a perfect finish!

The lead will continue to change in hue and develop tastefully over years of usage, and it’s very durable and able to be repaired.


Of course, all made in Japan.

Goto-tomorrow handmade leather pet accessories comes with lifetime repair guarantee. It is an environmental friendly Eco product which can be repaired and used for more than 10 years!

So with Goto-tomorrow’s accessories, i hope Champon and family can have long, loooooong happy walks together for many many many years to come 🙂



When you have a dog who sheds like like, it may be wise to get a SALUX clothes brush.

This brush removes lint and dust on clothes like magic!!!! There are a lot of knock offs in the markets and to be honest i own one. But nothing beats the original. SALUX created the genius lint remover in 1966 and became an instant best-selling hit that receives global patent and invention award, and 40 over years later it is still the best selling in Japan! You can purchase it on Goodsania website that i have introduced earlier in this blog post.


Back to Goto-tomorrow’s pet accessories!

All products will be shipped directly from Japan, and there’s free world wide shipping for order more than JPY8000!!!

You can also get 10% off all product when you use the code “GTMCH10”!

The website is clear and simple in perfect English, and there’s also customer care in English/Japanese/Chinese.

Visit the website now and pamper your pets, and yourself!

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