I must admit that, recently i have gotten more excited whenever i shop in Japan for detergents than i do when i walk into H&M on sale. #truestory.

Welcome to a mother/housewife’s life lol.

I loooooove grocery stores, lifestyle and home departments, all the amazing Japanese inventions never fail to amaze me. And i think i figured out why Japanese household items are so so so creative and out-of-this-world?

I always wonder why mothers/housewives in Japan seem like superheroes, they juggle between work, house, kids, 3 meals for the family and lunch boxes for the husband and kids YET still have time to look so fabulous. How did they do it???

Well, partly because everything in Japan is designed to be convenient/multi-functional/simply genius. There’s no maid/helper culture in Japan so all the household items must be designed to be so crazy innovative that they are like your own little helpers lol.

I experienced that myself when i stayed in Japan. Living in Japan is much easier when everything is simply better. The knives, the washing machine (no wrinkles after tumble-drying?!??!), the dish cleanser, the microwave+oven+toaster+steamer, the milk cartons, the straws. I’m not even kidding. Everything made in Japan has a dash of magic.

Which is why, today i’m introducing a life-chaging website to you if your territory includes the kitchen and backyard. (You are welcome.)



It’s like housewife’s heaven. From kitchen to bath & beauty to laundry to DIY and even pets, it’s all original Japanese items directly shipped from Japan. 

Let’s see what i got for my house.

Seriously. It feels better than buying an expensive leather coat.

My favorite has to be the kitchen items!! Looove the ceramic knife and scissors!

Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Kitchen Knife

FOREVER MADE IN JAPAN. Best tagline ever!!!

(Hahaha actually it is “Ceramic Forever, made in Japan”. But that works too!!)

Made with special Japanese technology, the knife is super light and stays sharp longer than other knives. On the packaging it says “super duper long-lasting”! Which is a great news because all the ceramic knives in my kitchen suffered the fate of chipped tips and rendered useless -_-.

So i tried cutting a pomegranate (which could be quite tough to cut open) but without even using any strength, it was cut beautifully in halves. AMAZING.


Onion Chopper

Have you ever wondered how to cut an onion without crying?

The secret is in this chopper. You can also use it to cut ripe tomatoes (which is hard to not crush into a mash)!

Easy to use, specially designed shape that is cute to look at and super functional! Great for kids learning kitchen skills too! 

Handy Grater

This is a great tool for making baby food! You can grate hard food like lotus root, daikon, carrot, apple, etc. It has its own fitted container to catch all the grated food and juices. No mess and less work.


Japanese Cypress Wood Cutting Board

Oh my god. Please buy this. I am already a big fan of Japanese cypress because of its natural scent.

I am in love. *sniffs board*

When i held it in my hands i just felt like omg this must be my important turning point as Chef Cheesie lol. I started using it already and i am so so so careful i don’t wanna leave any marks on it XD. I don’t know, i just have a thing for Japanese wood (it’s crazy but it’s like a kind of respect?).

Made of 100% Japanese Cypress! Did you know that the natural properties of Cypress prevent bacteria growth? If you have been to Japanese onsen before, you will have seen Cypress as wooden buckets and other bath goods, because of its strength against the water, making it extra long lasting.

Super recommended!! And guess what?? Prices start from Only JPY2,678!! I got a larger sized one so mine is JPY4,601.


Oil Absorber

I have blogged about the oil solidifier thing in powder form. But Japanese people just keep improving and innovating.

Now it comes in a pad form. Like a mini diaper lol. Even more convenient!!! On the left is a pack of 15pcs for small quantity of oil, and on the right is for large quantity of oil. Be gentle to our environment and don’t forget these if you love deep-frying!


Table Top Seasoning Set

There’s the Push-type soy sauce dispenser, seasoning dispenserSeasoning server, and healthy oil spray. With these now my dining table looks professional XD.

My favorite is the push-dispenser and the oil spray, which is so good for healthy cooking!! You can use it to lightly coat the frying pan, for pastas and salad too!


Bath & Beauty

There’s a beauty shower head, a Japanese nail cutter and a nail file.


The nail cutter. Japanese nail cutters are simply amazing.

Upon touching it, you already can feel that it’s nothing like you have ever used before. Ever. Special craftsmanship and design made it extra sharp and it cuts your nails smoothly into a beautiful curved shape. You will never ever use any other nail clipper again. 

Beauty Shower Head

The latest trend in Japan is beauty shower! Look at how ultra fine the shower holes are!! It is super gentle on your body and face, and perfect for bathing your baby!  The super fine water flow also falls between the hair and massages the scalp, and there’s a water-saving “stop” button to easily pause your shower. Of course, made in Japan 🙂



Shirt guard net and lingerie net.

They look fairly simple like just any other laundry net you can buy with just a couple of dollars. Well, same but different.

How often do you change your laundry net because the zipper falls out??

The zipper for the nets are specially designed for the washing machine!! Of course it has specially designed fine mesh which also does a great job protecting your clothing to be in shape and keeps out lint.


Absorption Carpet

This is genius.

When Junya was younger, i considered carpeting the entire floor in our home because most of it are tiles (and some wood), it’s slippery and he trips quite often when he just started walking.

Another reason was that i am quite worried for Champon because he loves running around and the tiles are not doing his hips any good. Dogs are supposed to run on rough surfaces and not waxed shiny floors.

But i gave up the idea because it is simply too crazy to carpet the entire home.

But now i could carpet any part of our home!!!!

I’ll carpet Junya’s playroom, and Champon’s rest area. The mats doesn’t move (it has an adhesive side at the bottom), are machine washable (so easy, just throw in the washing machine!), and the best thing is that you can cut it freely to suit any size of flooring!

The reason why you see gap between the carpet is because i haven’t stuck them on the floor, still exploring the combination of colors and patterns. But apparently my two boys are already having too much fun on it XD

So…. that’s all for today!!!


Please give the website a visit that will make your life simpler and easier!!

And!!! Free world wide shipping with minimum JPY8000 order!!!

That’s quite crazy because the shipping itself can cost more than that @.@

Now you can get quality Japanese goods at your fingertips, all on this website and you don’t even have to travel to your local departmental stores or Japan anymore.

I see most of the items are priced like JPY1000, which is really really affordable. Although you may get some of these items from local retail stores, but the price is like 50% cheaper when you buy from the website!!! There is also 1% cash rebates points for every purchase which can be discounted off the next order. Endless benefits for you!

If you are intimidated by a Japanese website, no worries! The website is in English too and there’s customer care in English/Japanese/Chinese. The website also accepts all usual credit cards. Easy Shopping!!


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And now i am a less noob and a smarter housewife.